Westboro Baptist Church to Protest the Final Four


The hatemongers of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church have a new target to protest: March Madness.

The church announced on its website, godhatesfags.com, that members will picket at the Georgia Dome on April 6 while the Final Four of the NCAA tournament is played.

The website says “America is mad upon her idols and her college sports are one of them.” Generally true.

The post continues:

The only thing you brutes – players, coaches, fans, and sports media alike – worship more than your nasty sex parts/lives is your sin-riddled over-hyped sports arenas and activities…But you won’t go into the Final Four Atlanta orgy-of-gross-drunken-nasty-reveling without being warned by the faithful servants of WBC, with this core message…FAG MARRIAGE DOOMS NATIONS!

Um, strong argument?


WBC, a hate group doubling as a church, is mainly made up of the family members of founder Fred Phelps. It has gained notoriety in the past for its longstanding bigotry towards gay people, and recently made headlines by picketing at Sandy Hook Elementary following the school shooting. The group also regularly protests the funerals of slain servicemen, with signs that say “Thank God for dead soldiers.”