5 Dead in Shooting at Illinois Home: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A shooting at a residence in Manchester, Illinois, has left five people dead and one injured. Cops nabbed a suspect after a chase and a shootout.

Here’s what we know about this breaking story.

1. A Suspect is in Custody after a “High-Speed” Pursuit and Shootout

illinois state police

WLDL reports:

The suspect was on the run for about 2 hours this morning. He was caught after a high-speed pursuit. Shots were fired while the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect is being taken to a hospital.

KSDK reports School District 117 is closed “in response to a recent shootout with a suspect on Woodson Winchester Road.” The capture took place near the town of Winchester, about 12 miles from Manchester.

2. A Child Was Hospitalized; The Victims May Be Family Members


A child was rushed to a local hospital, reports KSDK.

But the Chicago Tribune reports:

The victims may be part of the same family, officials said. A sixth person, apparently a child, was unharmed in the incident, [state police spokesperson Monique] Bond said.

3. The Shooting Took Place in a Public Housing Complex

crime tape

KSDK reports:

The pastor of Manchester Baptist Church told NewsChannel 5 that the murders happened inside a public housing complex on East Street Wednesday morning.

WLDS says the shooting occurred at a home on 4th Street.

CBS Chicago reports the incident took place “late Tuesday night in a home on Fourth Street.”

Fox2now.com reports:

Mayor Ronald Drake says he got the call around 4:45 a.m. saying there had been a shooting with multiple fatalities. It happened in a one-story apartment building with several units in it. The unit is now cordoned off and being secured by police.

The mayor reportedly knows the names of victims but is not releasing them.

4. Local Schools Were Placed on Lockdown

WLDS reports:

Jacksonville District 117, Salem Lutheran Academy, Four Rivers Special Education District, Westfair Academy, North Greene District, and Winchester Schools closed as a safety precaution.

5. Manchester is a Small Village

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The town, located in Scott County about 85 miles north of St. Louis and 50 miles southwest of Springfield, is a village that was home to 354 people according to a 2000 census.

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