LA Dodgers-San Diego Padres Brawl: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Last night, there was a massive brawl in the Los Angeles Dodgers — San Diego Padres game. Carlos Quentin, LA Dodgers outfielder, charged the mound, which incited a bench-clearing battle. Here’s what you need to know about the first brawl of the 2013 MLB season.
Check out a video of the brawl below:

1. Quentin Broke Zach Greinke’s Collarbone
The brawl was started when Quentin charged the mound after Greinke’s pitch nicked the outfielders shoulder. Greinke actually suffered an injury though, announcing after the game that he had a broken collarbone. It’s unknown how long Greinke will be out for.

2. The Dodgers Paid Greinke a Ton of Money Recently
Greinke is a top pitcher in the MLB, winning the Cy Young award a few years ago. The Dodgers gave Greinke a massive contract this past summer.

3. The Brawl Continued After the Game…Kinda
After the game, Matt Kemp found out Grienke’s collarbone was busted and confronted Quentin. From

It simmered throughout the postgame comments and spilled into the service tunnel as the Dodgers were about to walk through the Padres players’ parking lot to board their buses for the airport an hour after this strange and volatile game ended.

In the tunnel is where Matt Kemp and Quentin met in a tense, face-to-face confrontation, Kemp asking Quentin why he’d charge the mound, Quentin saying his head was thrown at. Quentin started pointing, Kemp warned Quentin to stop and at that point the pair was separated by teammates and friends. Hanley Ramirez first intervened, then Clayton Kershaw grabbed Kemp from going back for more, while Clayton Richard was backing up Quentin.

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4. Matt Kemp Made Fun of Quentin to Reporters
Here’s what Kemp said to reporters after the game as well.

“I hear he went to Stanford,” Kemp said of Quentin. “People with good baseball IQs, with a one-run lead in the sixth inning and a 3-2 pitch. I’ve heard smart people go to Stanford, but that wasn’t too smart.”

5. The Dodgers FTW
Check out this tweet from the Los Angeles Dodgers account.

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