WATCH: Police Haul Off 2-Pound Marijuana Joint From College Campus

2 pound joint taken by cops ucsc 4-205000 people at 4-20 for UCSC. This guy had a booth set up to unveil this guy, shouldn't have drawn so much attention man!2013-04-20T22:33:00.000Z

Plenty of young potheads celebrated their glorious and most infamous holiday this past weekend – 4/20. College students at the University of California made sure to spark up on campus by beginning their celebration at 4:20 p.m. One student went above and beyond the call of duty by unveiling a huge, two-pound marijuana joint.

It may be legal in California for anyone with a prescription to possess up to an ounce of the green stuff, but it’s illegal to carry two pounds of it anywhere. The cops made sure to abide by this rule, so they confiscate the joint instead of arresting the dude responsible for rolling it.

The above video shows the events that transpired during this “joint” capture (HA!). The owner of the four-foot long joint (seen in the green shorts) didn’t take too kindly to his prized possession being hauled away.

His estimated $5,000 to $6,000 blunt was taken away while he threatened to sue the officers for harassment (good luck with that case, buddy…).

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Two Pound Joint

The joint’s owner can even be heard complaining to the officer in the video saying:

You lied to me, too. Dude you’re a liar. You’re a liar…. I can’t wait to see you in court. I can show how you’re harassing me. We’re going to court, man. We’re totally going to court.

A lawsuit stemming from this 4/20 incident remains to be seen.

Daily Mail noted that University of California campus police chief Nader Oweis gave a statement earlier this month saying that the 4/20 festivities always introduce several unsavory activities:

Last year, our officers even identified a registered sex offender among those present, as well as a runaway juvenile from out of state.

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4/20 was marked by an unsavory act in Denver, Colorado – a shooting took place on Sunday during a 4/20 rally in Denver’s Civic Center Park. Two people and a dog were shot and wounded during an apparent argument in the newly legalized marijuana state. YouTube user Brandon Morse originally posed a video that is reported to feature the faces of one of the shooting suspects.

The above video shows what transpired during this shocking holiday shooting.

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