WAR ZONE: Explosions & Gunfire Rock Watertown, Mass., after MIT Cop Killed

Explosions and intense gunfire turned the Boston suburb of Watertown into a war zone tonight, as cops battled two suspects following the murder of an officer on the MIT campus in Cambridge.

The FBI, National Guard and Homeland Security are on scene in Watertown and there was even a sighting of a bomb-sweeping robot.

One of at least two suspects is in custody, and another officer has been shot.

Universalhub reports:

Police from Watertown, Cambridge and Boston are in the area of Dexter and Laurel streets in Watertown, where two “Middle Eastern” men with guns and possibly grenades were shooting at officers. At least one officer has been shot.

What might be an IED was found on Laurel Street.

One suspect was run over and nabbed by police. The second took off on foot and police said he was armed with both a gun and either grenades or IEDs.

The FBI and Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis rushed to the scene.

After carjacking a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint, they dropped the driver off at a Memorial Drive, then at some point stole a State Police pickup.

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