Alaska Air Passenger Tries to Open Plane Door Mid-Flight

UPDATE: The unruly passenger has been identified as 23-year-old Alexander Michael Herrera of Arizona.

alexander michael herrera alaska air tried to open door

AP reports Herrera made “unusual statements” before attempting to open the plane door, and crew and passengers used “shoelaces and seatbelt extensions” to bind him until the plane made a landing.

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alaska air passenger tries to open door

An Alaska Air passenger today attempted to open a cabin door mid-flight, but a crisis was averted by the heroic actions of passengers and crew.

According to tweets from KOIN-TV reporter Brent Weisberg, Alaska Air Flight 132 — carrying 137 passengers from Anchorage to Portland International Airport — was 10 minutes from landing when a passenger seated in Row 17 made his wild move.

The unruly passenger was restrained by passengers and crew, preventing a depressurization crisis. He was detained by authorities at the airport.

According to, Flight 132 was scheduled to arrive in Portland at 5:20 a.m. local time.

alaska air flight 132

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