Fighter Jets Divert Flight From Pakistan to England; Two Arrests Made

pakistan flight diverted fighter jets

A Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jet. (Wikipedia)

Typhoon British fighter jets were scrambled today to divert a flight from Pakistan to England after some type of incident onboard.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 709, a Boeing 777 carrying 297 people from Lahore to Manchester, has landed safely at Stansted Airport in Essex, where two men have been arrested by agents who boarded the plane, according to Reuters.

flight pk709

The Guardian reports the pilot requested the diversion:

…the pilot, concerned about a disruptive passenger who had started shouting, asked to divert to Stansted, London’s third airport, as a precaution.

Essex Police say the men were arrested “on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft”:

pakistan flight diverted 2013

The plane was diverted in British airspace.

Officials are saying there this does not appear to be terrorism-related, but it comes in the wake of the gruesome public slaying of a British soldier in London.