Looting Adds Insult to Injury for Tornado-Torn Moore, Oklahoma

Last night at around local time, news station KFOR-TV confirmed that police would be enforcing a curfew, making it illegal to go outside after nightfall in Moore, Oklahoma.

While obviously a matter of safety in light of the destruction caused by the yesterday’s tornado, the Internet was abuzz with the worry that there was looting happening in certain areas.


KFOR-TV and the Daily Mail reported that looting occurred in the the town’s savaged hospital facility as well as in destroyed homes and abandoned businesses. As angry outbursts from residents on Twitter and over the Internet continued, the curfew was instated and the National Guard was finally called in to provide protection, especially around the ruined facility of the Plaza Towers Elementary School, where rescue personal were still sifting through rubble.

As we move into night two after the tragic tornado, the police scanner has confirmed that the curfew will still be enforced in tornado affected areas. You can follow the news at it unfolds in Moore and Oklahoma City on KFOR’s live stream here: