Swedish Man Dies After Trying to Have Sex With Hornet’s Nest

Swedish newspaper Nyheterna Sverige reports that a man died on Monday after trying to have sex with a hornet’s nest, as evidence suggests.

The 35-year-old man, who goes by the name “Hasse,” was found lying on the ground unconscious by his neighbor, Bertil Ståhfrääs. He said that his body was so swollen, he initially thought it was a whale carcass.

“Thought at first that it was a kind of choice, so I called Hasse to ask what the hell he was doing, but he did not so I was a little worried,” Ståhfrääs said. “I walked up to the body and then I recognized his tattoo on his neck, representing a little angel who is rocking. I have never in my life seen such a swollen pelvic bone. It hid the whole package on him, yes it hung over and, despite the scrotum was enlarged. Right now it feels heavy and unreal. We did not talk very often, but he was still my neighbor.”

An autopsy of the man’s body revealed evidence that Hasse appeared to have been trying to have sex with the nest. Investigators found remnants of semen on some of the dead hornets at the scene as well as pubic hair at the entrance of the nest. They also found fingerprints from both of his hands.

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“Hasse must have had some form of sexual addiction that has escalated and pushed to the limit,” Siv During Livh, psychologist and expert on odd fantasies, said. “I do not even think about the pain he must have suffered both within himself before he went on the wasp nest, and the pain incurred by the wasp attack.”

According to the same report, animal activists are angry at Hasse for killing the hornets for the sake of having sex.

Who do you feel bad for more: Hasse or the hornets?

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