Parents Lose the Ashes of Their Infant Son in a Burglary

Grieving Parents Look for Stolen Ashes

The Hughey’s lost more than just material goods when a burglar violated their Cobb County, Georgia home. They lost their son.

Jody and Haley Hughey’s son died in childbirth four and a half years ago, and his ashes have been kept in a silver box ever since. The box is engraved with the image of an angel, hearts around the border, and their son’s name, “Caleb Ean Hughey.”

The burglar most likely didn’t check the contents of the box, mistaking it for something more than an object of extreme sentimental value. The Hughley’s have struggled with infertility for years and Caleb is their only son. His ashes are the only material reminder they have of the boy taken from them far too soon.

While they were also robbed of jewelry and other valuable possessions, as well, the Hughley’s want nothing more than to be reunited with the ashes of their only son. Losing an only child more than once is an ordeal no one should go through.

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