Syria’s Army Attacks and Bombs Rebel Town of Quasir [VIDEO]çç

Syrian government forces have surrounded the rebel stronghold of Qusair and are storming it from several directions, taking control of the town center, according to Syrian state TV.  The Syrian Army’s operations started after it waged air raids and shelling late Saturday.Fighting has gone on around the town, near the Lebanese border, for weeks. Opposition groups say militants from the Lebanese Hezbollah movement are fighting alongside government forces.

President al-Assad’s government has stated the offensive targeted and killed 70 “terrorists”. Meanwhile activists say 30 people have died including many rebels as well as Hezbollah militants fighting alongside Assad’s government forces. Again – in a country that has been suffering from a brutal two year long civil war – two narratives surge out of this recent confrontation.

As reported by the BBC, video footage from a field hospital in Qusair (watch below), most of the dead and injured are said to be young men of “fighting age” and 1 or 2 elderly casualties. Below is an explicit video that alleged to show the killed “martyrs” and victims of the government’s offensive.

Warning:Explicit Material

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