The Best Tweets About David Beckham’s Retirement

David Beckham is retiring after being a legendary soccer star for 18 years — and one of the wealthiest sportsmen, earning in excess of $46 million a year.

With the announcement of his retirement, Twitter paid tribute. Here are the 10 best tweets.

David Beckham’s former teammate Phil Neville says:

United Finest posts a great moment by Beckham to honor what a great player he is:

Premier League goes by the numbers:

Gary Lineker, former soccer player, has well wishes for Beckham:

Forbes Magazine takes a look at Beckham’s decision:

Milan pays tribute to the beloved soccer player’s career:

Chris Kamera respects the man behind the player:

Alan Young looks to the future:

Lewis Wiltshire gives thanks on behalf of “club and country”:

G. Neville is glad to have played with a legend:

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