Egypt Troops Kill 3 Morsi Supporters: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

At least three people are reportedly dead after Egyptian troops opened fire today on pro-Morsi supporters who were marching toward the building in Cairo where the ousted leader is thought to be held. President Mohammed Morsi was the first democratically elected president of Egypt and was removed in a military coup on Wednesday amid massive popular dissatisfaction with his regime. He was elected around one year ago.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Protesters Were at the Gate of the Republican Guard HQ

egypt day of rage pro-morsi protests

From the live stream of today’s “Day of Rage” protest against the deposing of Morsi.

Several hundred supporters of the ousted Egyptian president had reached the the barbed-wire barrier outside the Republican Guard barracks, outside Nasr City in Cairo, where Morsi is thought to be held.

2. Birdshot was Fired into the Crowd

There are some reports of “warning shots” preceding the firing of birdshot into the crowd in an attempt to disperse it. A military spokesman for the Egyptian army has said that they are only using blank rounds and tear gas as methods of crowd control, however many, including a BBC reporter have been shot by birdshot.

BBC reporter Jeremy Bowen has been hit in the head with some of the birdshot but is not seriously injured.

3. ‘At Least 3’ Are Dead, According to Several Sources

At least 3 have been killed so far, but field medics have told NBC journalist Richard Engel that 4 have died so far as a result of shotgun birdshot being fired into the crowd. There are also reports of teargas being fired in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

4. The March Was Part of a Massive Protest Today of Pro-Morsi, Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Crowds

The march was planned in response to the military coup that occurred earlier this week and ended with President Mori being deposed and replaced by interim president Adly Mansour, the cheif justice of Egypt’s supreme court. News is also emerging that Mansour has dissolved the islamist-dominated upper house of the Egyptian parliament.

5. Gunships Are Circling and Teargas Is Being Fired Into the Crowd

The Apache helicopters that were flying above the demonstrations outside the Republican Guard barracks have most recently been seen circling Tahrir Square.