Trayvon Martin’s Mom on 911 Call: ‘I Heard My Son Screaming’ [VIDEO]

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In a particularly disconcerting moment at the stand, Trayvon Martin‘s mother — Sybrina Fulton — was forced to listen to the recording of the 911 call that sent police officers to the crime scene where her son died.

In the background of the call placed by a witness, a voice desperately yells for help before a gunshot silences the distress. While on the stand, Martin’s bereaved mom unwaveringly testifies that she believes it is her son’s voice screaming for help. “I heard my son screaming,” she said as she looked straight ahead with little emotion.

This recording may be a significant piece of evidence during the case as it may reveal that Martin was in a vulnuerable position when he was shot by Zimmerman. It is also an aggressive move by the prosecution as the jury is made up entirely of mothers.

Below is the original 911 call.

Trayvon Martin’s brother Jahvaris Fulton also took the stand and told the court that the voice in the recording was his brother’s voice. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara pointed out to the jury that Jahvaris Fulton had given an interview earlier in the investigation during which he said he “wasn’t sure” it was his brother’s voice. In response, Fulton said “Listening to the 911 call was clouded by shock, sadness and denial, I didn’t want to believe it was Trayvon.”

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