9-Year-Old Girl Killed by Trampoline in Tragic Accident in Utah

Oaklee Sidwell Child Killed by Trampoline Utah August


Nine-year-old Oaklee Sidwell died on August 14 after injuries she sustained the day before in Panguitch, Utah. The girl was playing with her friend on a trampoline when a gust of wind lifted the structure and carried her for around 50 yards, reports KSL.com.

It’s reported that Sidwell was just finished playing on the trampoline and was putting her shoes on at the edge of it when the accident happened. Sidwell’s parents, Tracey and Desiree, have said that the trampoline was anchored to the ground but the wind lifted it up anyway.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reports that the girl was rushed to a hospital in Salt Lake City. She had been playing with her cousins on the day of the tragedy.

Oaklee Sidwell Child Killed by Trampoline Utah August


Her obituary reads:

Oaklee was here with us for nine wonderful years and was so full of life. She lived it to the fullest and shared her happiness with everyone around her.

Cheryl Church, a spokeswoman for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, told reporters she believed it was a “freak accident” and that “this is nobody’s fault,” adding:

So many people are feeling heartbreak for [the family]. It’s hard to even wrap your head around it.

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