Last Month, Aaron Alexis Told Cops He Was Hearing Voices & Being ‘Vibrated by a Microwave Machine’

aaron alexis newport rhode island police

Less than six weeks before the shooting rampage that left 12 victims dead at the Washington Navy Yard, gunman Aaron Alexis called the cops to report he was hearing voices and that someone was sending vibrations through his body with “some sort of microwave machine.”

As reported by Patch and The New York Times, Alexis was traveling in Rhode Island on business when he called Newport Police from his hotel room on August 7.

Local cops chronicled their conversation with him in a report:

aaron alexis heard voices last month in rhode island

Alexis told them he had already switched hotels twice to avoid three people who were chasing him after he got in an argument at the airport. He reported hearing voices through the floor and ceiling, and believed he was being kept awake by his tormentors, who were using a microwave machine to send vibrations through his body.

He told the cops he had never before had a mental episode. The cops told him to “stay away from the individuals that are following him.”

According the the report, Naval Station Police were alerted, because Alexis identified himself as a naval contractor:

aaron alexis naval station

Here’s the full report:

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