Mystery Parachute Jumpers Clad in Black Land Near World Trade Center at 3 a.m.

Two people parachute down Freedom Tower, Parachute jumpers at World Trade Center, Parachute jump lower Manhattan.


NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told the media today that officers are searching for two parachute jumpers who landed at the Goldman Sachs building in lower Manhattan at around 3 a.m., reports NBC New York.

The jumpers are said to have been clad in black and wearing helmets when they made the daring leap. The Daily News reports the two jumpers landed at the intersection of Vesey and West street, just at the Goldman Sachs building:

Commissioner Kelly didn’t say if the jumpers came from a plane or if it was a base jump, nor did he say if the action was some sort of stunt or intended to be more sinister.

On September 23, military fighter jets were scrambled when three small aircraft entered into a “no-fly-zone” around New York City. It was later revealed that the light-aircraft had entered the airspace by mistake.

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