Obama Speaks to the American People About Syria [VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT]

President Obama Address To The Nation On Syria! – FULL SPEECH!! – 9/10/2013September 10, 2013 – Obama Syria Speech Address – President Obama delivered a speech to the American people on Tuesday night on Syria outlining the U.S. response to the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons against rebels and civilians. Obama's speech comes after news that the Syria has agreed to surrender its chemical weapons stockpiles…2013-09-11T01:22:45Z

President Obama tonight delivered his highly anticipated address to the American people on the topic of Syria, making his case for military action while suggesting he’s open to a diplomatic solution. This as recent polls show a majority of Americans disagree with the president’s call for a “targeted strike.”

Obama implored Americans to view the horrifying footage of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s recent poison-gas attack, which was released by his administration on Sunday. Even the president’s description of the videos was graphic, citing writhing children going still on a cold hospital floor.

He addressed frequently asked questions, citing emails from skeptical Americans, including a veteran who told him Americans are sick of war.

Watch the president’s address above, and read the full transcript below.

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