Cop Says Bikers Are Pulled Over Because Alexian Lien’s Uncle is His Boss

A video titled “Bikers Vs SUV: The TRUTH comes out” has surfaced, depicting a Palisades Park, New Jersey, police officer suggesting that motorcyclists on the roadway will be pulled over for going over the speed limit by 5 mph because Alexian Lien‘s uncle “is one of our bosses on the job.”

Lien is the victim at the center of a controversial road rage video that went viral and spawned multiple arrests.

At the beginning of the video, the motorcyclist whizzes by a parked police vehicle on the side of the road. At 00:17, the police vehicle overtakes the motorcyclist.


At that point, another motorcyclist joins the first. The two drive on together in the same lane until it appears the police vehicle has stopped traffic.


The officer then instructs the cyclists to go to the side of the road.


He approaches and asks for license and registration and seems to say “300 miles an hour.” The cyclist says “No, I wasn’t.” They quibble over the speed as the cyclist removes his gloves and information. The officer then asks if the camera is on, to which the cyclist responds that it is not. The officer then approaches the cyclist on the blue motorcycle. There is a “star transition” edit and the first motorcyclist approaches the officer. The officer then says:

I’m going to give you fair warning…anything over five over the speed limit you’re going to get stopped because after what happened in New York City, this is what they’re doing. The guy who was assaulted [Alexian Lien], his uncle is one of our bosses on the job.”

The officer then says that the cyclists were going faster than they were saying. He seems to give them only a warning and suggests that he’s just giving them a “heads-up,” but that if he stops them again, “it’s not going to be pretty.”