Drunk Driver Leads Police Chase to Finish McDonald’s Big Mac

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You know that feeling when you’ve had a few too many and all you want is to bite down on a juicy Big Mac? Well, apparently this guy in Brunswick, Ohio had the same feeling, but he took it to a whole new level. WGal News reports:

Randall W. Miller, 31, faces charges including failure to comply, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving under suspension and no operator’s license in the case.

The charges come after Miller lead a police chase in order to finish his Big Mac sandwich. According to police, a pedestrian reported almost being hit by Miller’s car at an intersection around 1 a.m. on September 28, 2013 and that the vehicle was speeding. The story reads:

Police found the SUV exiting a McDonald’s drive-thru near Center Road, swerving outside his lane. They attempted to stop Miller, but he continued driving, eventually stopping a short while later at Grafton Road. Police said there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and Miller’s speech appeared to be slurred.

Newser reported that Miller failed to stop when pulling out of the McDonald’s drive-thru and later admitted to have up to 15 beers. This would explain why there were several beer cans laying around in his car.

So, what’s the best part of this? Miller actually apologized to police and said he was in fact drunk, but didn’t want to pull over because he wanted to finish eating his Big Mac. Plus, Miller continued to eat the Big Mac while stopped by the police until he was finally asked to complete field sobriety tests. The breathalyzer results read a BAC of .255. Yikes! To make matters worse, Miller already has two OVI convictions, so we’re pretty sure his wife is not too happy with him right now.