James Kuehne, New ‘Road Rage’ Biker Arrest: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James Kuehne, 31, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the Range Rover road rage incident that occurred between a car and a motorcycle gang on New York City’s West Side Highway on September 29. On Saturday police released additional images from the now-viral video of bikers wanted in connection with the assault. On Wednesday Kuehne turned himself into police.

Here is what you need to know:

1. He Allegedly Struck the Driver With His Helmet

Prosecutors are arguing that Kuehne can be seen in the video wielding his motorcycle helmet like a weapon and striking the driver of the Ranger Rover Alexian Lien.

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Lien was allegedly stomped on and beaten after the motorcyclists caught up with his car in north-western Manhattan.

2. He is a Plumber from Brooklyn

james kuehne

(Via CBS 2)

Kuehne is being described as as a plumber. He is married and resides in Brooklyn.

3. He was Charged with Multiple Charges

new york city biker attack

For his alleged activities in the now-viral video, Kuehne has been charged with Criminal Mischief, Gang Assault, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. It is unclear what weapon the charge is referencing, but it could be a reference to Kuehne’s wielding of his helmet.

4. He was Released on a $200,000 bail

Moments after his arraignment Kuehne was released on bail and was led to a waiting black sedan.

5. He is the Seventh to Be Charged

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Kuehne is the fourth biker to be charged with assault along with Robert Sims, Craig Wright, and Clint Caldwell. Three others, Woljciech Braszczok, Reginald Chance, and Christopher Cruz, were charged with various other crimes but were not implicated in the assault.

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