Man Sets Himself on Fire at the National Mall: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Just one day after a lock down at the U.S. Capitol Building, reports are emerging that a man has tried to set himself on fire on the National Mall. The call reportedly came in to emergency services at 4:24 p.m. local time. All of this occurred near the National Air and Space Museum.

Lt. Pamela Smith of the U.S. Park Police said that she was not aware of any political motive for the action.

This is a breaking store and will will bring you updates as we receive them. Here is what we know right now:

1. He Doused Himself in Gasoline

Witnesses on the scene began tweeting that a man on the National Mall had set himself on fire. Although D.C. police are not commenting on what caused the fire, but an NBC reporter tweeted that the man doused himself in gasoline before setting himself on fire.

One witness is saying that there may have been a tripod set up to film the man as he set himself on fire.

2. Passersby and Joggers Tried to Put Out the Fire

According to witness Vanessa Sink who tweeted from the scene, passersby ran up to the burning man and helped put out the fire.

Joggers and bystanders reportedly took off their own shirts to help hit out the fire.

3. The National Mall is Currently Closed Due to Shutdown

national mall closed

Due to the national shutdown that forced the closure of all federal parks, malls, memorials, and reserves, the National Mall is considered “closed” for the time being.

4. The Man was Airlifted to a Hospital and His Condition is Unknown

man on fire at national mall

The man is reportedly still alive, and there is even eye-witness reports that the man “danced” while he was on fire. However, witness testimony is now emerging that the man sustained “life threatening injuries.”

The Daily News is reporting that he sustained burns on 80 percent of his body.

Pictures emerged of a helicopter leaving the viscinity of the National Mall. It is believed to be air lifting the man who set himself on fire.

5. There are Currently Road Closures

The D.C. police are now tweeting that due to an “injured citizen,” there is a road closure on 7th between Constitution Ave. and Independence Ave.