Explosion Near US Embassy in Yemen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Reports of an explosion and gunfire near the U.S. embassy in Yemen today were followed by conflicting accounts.

Here’s what we know about this breaking story.

1. Witnesses Heard a Loud ‘Explosion’ and ‘Gunfire’

The AP is reporting that residents and security officials reported a “large explosion” and “heavy gunfire” near the embassy.

Ambulances responded:

2. Yemen Quickly Denied There Was a Bombing

Yemen’s spokesman in Washington, D.C., immediately refuted rumblings of an attack or bombing:

The spokesman later tweeted that the “explosions” were wedding fireworks:

3. The Embassy Says It’s Not in Danger

4. Al-Qaida Insurgents in Yemen Make Up One of the Terror Group’s Most Deadly Factions

5. The Embassy Saw a Deadly Bombing 5 Years Ago

The Yemen U.S. embassy was the scene of a 2008 attack that killed 19 people.