WATCH: Trucker Ogles Women on Facebook During Crash That Killed Cop

Shocking new dash-cam footage shows trucker Jorge Espinoza nonchalantly checking Facebook just prior to the horrific crash that killed an Arizona cop, reports

Cop Tim Huffan was killed on May 8 in Yuma County, Arizona, when the empty oil tanker that Espinoza was driving slammed into his vehicle. The rig was in cruise control as Espinoza raced along at 65 mph along a stretch of road, the driver was more concerned with checking for T&A on Facebook then watching the road. He ended up hitting three police cars and two fire trucks during the crash.

AZStarnet says that he was ogling “photographs of several women in provactive positions, wearing little clothing,” “photographs of a woman in a low cut dress.” and pics of a man “smoking something.” The report also states that he had previously used the phone to search for pornography and hookers.