Thanksgiving Storm 2013 Travel Delays: LIVE UPDATES

Thanksgiving storm 2013 travel updates plane flight cancellations rail accidents traffic accidents.


It’s the biggest traveling period of the year in the lead-up to Thanksgiving. With air, rail and car travel all being impacted by Winter Storm Boreas which is slamming the east coast right now. Bringing with it snow, ice and rain, be safe out there folks! To help you along the way here are the latest travel updates you need to know:


3:49 p.m:

2:03 p.m

According to ABC News:

A TSA spokesman says there are no significant delays at TSA checkpoints across the country. All lanes are staffed and open. One reason there may not be significant delays is the use of PreCheck lanes which allow passengers to get through security with minimal hassle.

1:56 p.m:

Delta have canceled 35 flights out of LaGuardia due to “inclement weather,” according to spokesman Morgan Durrant.

1:49 p.m:

If you’re travelling out of LaGuardia Airport in New York, enjoy a 20% off coupon for stores and restaurants that you can download here.

1:46 p.m:

The Onion has helpfully weighed in with some travel tips, including:

You never know when you’ll get stranded at an airport or train station, so make sure you don’t go hungry by packing two large burlap sacks full of steak meat and apples.

1:30 p.m:

Thanksgiving storm 2013 travel updates plane flight cancellations rail accidents traffic accidents.

Thanksgiving storm 2013 travel updates plane flight cancellations rail accidents traffic accidents.

O’Hare International Airport on November 27, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Nearly 1.5 million travelers are expected to fly through OHare Airport over an eight-day Thanksgiving travel period which ends December 3, according to the city’s Department of Aviation. (Getty)

1:01 p.m:

Reports of flight delays coming out of Philadelphia. CBS Philly reports airport officials pleading with travelers to patient.


2:06 p.m:

Reuters reports:

Gusting winds toppled a tractor-trailer on Interstate-77 in Virginia on Wednesday, slowing traffic that otherwise had been flowing briskly, said an employee at the welcome center in Lambsburg by the Virginia-North Carolina state line.

1:22 p.m:

Megabus have released a statement/travel advisory for their customers:

With so many people traveling to see friends and family today for Thanksgiving, we at want you to have the best trip possible. As a result, we are bringing additional staff and vehicles to our routes due to the high demand. Because of this, there may be buses that are not blue buses that you are used to seeing.

Additionally, we ask that you please keep our luggage policy, which allows each person to bring one 50-lb. bag and one carry-on, in mind when packing for your trip. You can find the full luggage policy here. And lastly, please be aware that there may be heavier-than-normal traffic, so we have additional driver swaps scheduled on certain routes to ensure our drivers are not behind the wheel for too long.

Should your trip be canceled due to weather, you will be notified via email – the same email address used to book your ticket – or text message (if you opted in to that service) and will be given instructions for a refund or the option to reschedule your trip with no additional fee.

1:11 p.m:

A deadly crash is causing major delays and backed up traffic along the Schuylkill Expressway (above) in Pennsylvania, reports NBC Philadelphia. The crash occurred early this morning and a woman in her 60s was killed according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

1:05 p.m:

The Weather Channel are encouraging people to travel by road on Thanksgiving morning as the storm will be largely gone at that point.

Thanksgiving storm 2013 travel updates plane flight cancellations rail accidents traffic accidents.



1:18 p.m:

Storm Track:

2:09 p.m:

North Carolina reporter Kelli O’Hara posted a video of tornado damage to her Facebook page.

1:40 p.m:

Some serious rainfall in Massachusetts:

1:37 p.m:

The National Weather Service have confirmed a tornado in Carteret County, North Carolina.

1:27 p.m:

Highest recorded snowfall level is 6.5. inches in Dowagiac, Michigan.

12:59 p.m:

The National Weather Service in are warning snow mixed with rain is expected to hit the Raleigh-Durham area at around 3 p.m.

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