WATCH: ‘The NSA Is Coming to Town’—the ACLU’s Christmas Video

The NSA Is Coming to TownJoin the fight: When asked about the NSA’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records, Donald Trump said, “I support legislation which allows the NSA to hold the bulk metadata.” The Lyrics: You better watch out, You better not Skype, You better log out, Yeah you better not type, The NSA is coming to town.…2013-12-12T18:44:51Z

It’s never been easy to battle unconstitutional government surveillance, but the people at the American Civil Liberties Union do it with flare. This year, the ACLU released their own version of the holiday classic “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” but in their version, they’ve added a heavy dose of reality.

aclu christmas

The video shows mischievous Santas in aviator sunglasses running around snooping on New Yorkers as they use their cell phones, take pictures, and walk into porn shops. It even shows a “naught and nice” list featuring Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, and Miley Cyrus on the naughty list.

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