Bomb Threat Made at Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado

Fort Carson bomb threat, Colorado Army Base bomb threat.


An anonymous bomb threat has been called in to Fort Carson army airfield, reports Fox 21.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Base Has Been Evacuated

The entire base, which is located just outside of Colorado Springs, has been evacuated.

2. The Base Just Welcomed Home Troops From Afghanistan

Last night, the base received 90 soldiers returning from Afghanistan, reports The Daily Journal.

3. There’s a History of Bomb Threats at the Base

In March 2011, there was a hoax bomb threat called into the base.

4. An Investigation is Ongoing

There are no reports of any injuries as officials investigate the threat, reports KKTV.

5. The Base Provides Air Support For Ground Operations

Personnel at the base specialize in providing helicopter support for U.S. Army troops on the ground. The base’s official website reads:

The primary mission for Butts Army Airfield (BAAF) is to provide fully integrated fixed base helicopter operations and support for all Army aviation assets assigned to, or training on Fort Carson. Airfield operations and services include Base Flight Operations, Control Tower/Ground Approach Control Facility, USAF weather, Airport Safety, Airspace Management, Flight Simulator, Rapid Refuel Facility, and Crash/Fire/Rescue station. The airfield has an FAA approved instrument approach. The airfield also provides UH-60 A/L, Longbow Crew Trainer, Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer and AH-64 Synthetic Flight Training Systems for all Fort Carson aviation units and specific National Guard.

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