How to Watch Every Event of the Sochi Olympics Live Online

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NBC will livestream every event of the Sochi Olympics online. And if you have a cable TV subscription (or your mom’s?), the service is free.

Here’s how to get your stream up and running:

On Your iPhone, iPad or Android, Download the Free ‘NBC Sports Live Extra’ App


You will be able to livestream the Sochi Olympics on your iPhone and iPad just as easily as you can from a computer.

Just search for the “NBC Sports Live Extra” app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Download the app. Then you’ll be able to watch the events live as well as watch re-caps if you missed one.

The app will show you, marked by the red arrows, what is playing live and when things are scheduled.

You Will Need to ‘Sign In’ & Verify Your Cable Subscription


Once you click on a livestream of video to watch, you will get the screen above. The app will only allow you to watch if you have a cable subscription. Choose your cable provider and enter your account information.

On Your Computer:

Go to

Click ‘Verify Now’

Click "Verify."

Click “Verify Now.”

Then Click ‘Sign In’

Then click "sign in"

Then click “sign in”

Select Your Cable Provider & Enter Your Account Information

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.24.16 AM

On Your Television

NBC has the exclusive rights to showing the Sochi Olympics in the United States and will be doing so both live and delayed to prime time. If you’d like to see on what channel and what time an event will be on, just put in your zip code and check out the schedule here.