Shooting at Toronto Courthouse: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ontario Courthouse Shooting

The scene outside the Brampton Courthouse. (CP24)

Shots rang out at a courthouse in Brampton, Ontario, on Friday morning reports The Toronto Star. The courthouse is about 18 miles northwest of Toronto and is located at 7755 Hurontario St.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Some Reports Suggest 2 People Are Dead

The Star reports that two people have been killed, including the shooter. The outlet also says one of those shot was a court security guard. City TV reporter Francis D’Souza tweeted that a source told him there’s a dead body lying in front of the building’s main elevators, it’s thought to be the suspect.

2. The Court is Locked Down

The courthouse has been locked down. Cops do not believe there is any further risk to the public. Though police have not said if a suspect has been taken into custody. Lawyer Will Jaksa told the Sun News Network:

We were told that the shots were on the first floor. Now hearing it was on the second floor. I’m on the second floor. Latest is that a court officer may have been shot.

The shooting took place at the entrance to the courthouse.

3. 1 Person Was Taken to Hospital

At least one victim has been transported to hospital.

4. Tactical Units Have Been Deployed

Toronto Courthouse Shooting


A SWAT team have arrived at the courthouse. In addition to this, The Star reports seeing a 12 police cruisers and three ambulances at the building.

5. Multiple Shots Were Heard

One report suggests that up to six shots have been fired inside the courthouse. One lawyer told The Star that although he didn’t hear any shots, some of his colleagues told him they heard between three and four shots fired.

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