Adam Pye: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

adam pye dead in california beach


A 26-year-old recent college graduate was enjoying a well-deserved vacation at a beach in California’s Bay Area on Monday when his sand tunnel collapsed. After 30 minutes of being buried underground, Adam Pye was declared dead at the scene.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His 10-Foot Hole Collapsed Around Him

Pye was at Half Moon Bay beach outside San Francisco with family friends, and they decided to have some fun and dig angled holes into the ground. By around 5:30 p.m., Pye was already about 10 feet deep into his tunnel, and that’s when it started to collapse on top of him.

KTVU reports that the girls he was with attempted to hold his head up when it momentarily popped up above the sand, before more descending sand buried it again.

2. Over 30 Firemen & Bystanders Tried to Dig Him Out

According to witnesses, dozens of nearby people flocked to Pye’s aid attempting to dig him out with whatever they were carrying.

Soon 30 firefighters arrived on the scene, and after 35 minutes of digging, Pye was finally lifted from the hole. Rescuers on the scene preformed CPR, but it was too late.

3. He Graduated From College in June

adam pye dead


Pye is described by those who knew him as an extremely hardworking person. KTVU reports that he began working at the age of 15 and took night shifts at the UPS in the Oakland Airport, working sometimes 12 hours a night, to put himself through college. He graduated from Cal State East Bay on June 14 with a major in business communications.

4. A Memorial Facebook Page Was Created Soon After His Death



Shortly after his death, a Facebook memorial page for Pye, which you can see above, was created. With already almost 800 likes, the page has become a hub where friends and family can express condolences to his family.

5. A Man Died in North Carolina the Same Way One Month Earlier

On June 23, 49-year-old David Frasier of Fredericksburg, Virginia, died after being buried by sand on a beach in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. WTKR reports that Frasier was around 4 feet deep under the sand when the tunnel he dug collapsed on him. A nurse witnessed the incident and attempted to revive Frasier with no success.