MLB All-Star Game 2014: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jose bautista


This week in baseball is one the most exciting of the year no matter how casual or die hard a baseball fan you are. With the Home Run Derby Monday night and the All-Star Game tonight which will also take place at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The American League will battle the National League in the a baseball tradition inaugurated in 1933 to make this the 85th annual All-Star Game.

Here’s what you need to know about the game:

1. The American League Shut Out the National League Last Year

Mariano Rivera Entrance 2013 AllStar GameMariano's last entrance to AllStar game to Metallica's Enter Sandman2013-07-17T03:16:25.000Z

Looking back on last year, the American League shut out the National League for the seventh time in the history of the event. The 2013 MLB All-Star Game marked the first time in history that one of the leagues shut out the other two years in a row.

The American League out-pitched the National League to earn a 3-0 win at the New York Mets’ Citi Field.

Mariano Rivera pitched the shut out for the American League in his last All-Star game ever. Watch the video above to see his warm welcome into the stadium before the game.

2. It is Derek Jeter’s Last All-Star Game

Derek Jeter debuted in the All-Star game in 1994 when he was 20 years old. Since then he has been chosen to play in 14 of them, including his final game this year representing the American League.

Like last year for the Yankee’s relief pitcher, there will be a tribute to New York City’s most beloved short stop, except even bigger and more emotional. Watch the video above to see his tribute video curated by Nike- Jordan.

3. Jose Bautista (American) and Troy Tulowitzki (National) are the Captains

troy tulowitzki


This year Jose Bautista will be playing in the 5th All-Star game of his career. He was one of the top receivers of votes onto the American League team of all time and was chosen to be captain as a veteran of the team.

In 2010, he led the league with 54 home runs. The following year he held his title with 43 home runs.

Tulowitzki made moved up to the major league just a year and 126 minor league games after being drafted in 2005. Since moving up to the Colorado Rockies, he has tallied well over 1,000 hits for the team.

As a talented veteran shortstop at the Colorado Rockies, he bear many similarities to Derek Jeter who will be retiring after this season. Like Jeter, he has played on the same team for his whole career (so far) and plays the same position.

He has a .299 career batting average as of April 2014.

Click below to see the full team rosters:

National League

American League

4. Idina Menzel is Singing the National Anthem

Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel will be singing the U.S. National Anthem tonight at the All-Star game, along with a special performance prior to the event. Watch the video above to see her performance at the Oscars.

Menzel is most famous for her role as Elsa in Disney’s Frozen, a global box office hit. The most famous of her songs is “Let It Go” which won an Oscar this past year.

Panis! At the Disco will also be making an appearance tonight and performing in the pre-game ceremony.

5. You Can Vote Online For the MVP of the Game

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It is up to the fans to select this year’s MVP of the All-Star Game once again. The MVP vote is sponsored by Pepsi and allows viewers to to either online or via twitter.

After the votes are added up, sports writers’ votes are also thrown into the mix and the overall calculation will determine the game MVP.