Hayley Turner Pictures: The Photos You Need to See

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Hayley Turner has been missing from the Bedford Township in Monroe County, Michigan, since 10 p.m. on August 7, reports the Detroit Free Press. Law enforcement in the area believe that she has been abducted.

Turner had been driving her car along Dean Road in Monroe County, Michigan while talking to a friend on the phone. She had pulled over to check on a man who was lying in a ditch. Turner is said to have yelled "he's got a gun!" After which, the phone went dead. Her car was found unoccupied east of the town of Temperance, Michigan, a few miles north of the Ohio border, the engine was still running.

The Monroe News reports that after the phone went dead, the friend called Turner's father who went to the area to look for her. He was the one who found her car. CBS News reports that Turner was driving home after going to the store.