Darren Wilson, Ferguson Cop: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Darren Wilson has been named by Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson as the cop who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown on August 9.

Brown, 18, was shot dead by Wilson at the 2900 block of Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, on Saturday August 9.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. Wilson Was Injured in the Brown Shooting

The officer was on a sick call with an ambulance when he went to answer a 911 call regarding a robbery at a convenience store close to where Michael Brown was shot dead on August 9. According to Chief Thomas Jackson, Wilson stopping Michael Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, had nothing to do with the robbery.

The officer was treated for injuries after the incident. At a later press briefing, Jackson said that the aftermath has been “devastating, absolutely devastating” to Wilson.

You can read the full incident report here:

2. Jackson Called Wilson a ‘Nice Young Man’

The officer has been placed on administrative leave, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He is six-year veteran of the police department. Wilson was described as a “nice young man.” Chief Jackson added later that:

We had no complaints about the officer. He was a gentleman. A quiet officer. He has been an effective officer.

NBC News’ reporter Tom Winter tweeted that in February, Wilson was awarded a commendation for “extraordinary effort in the line of duty.” Wilson has been based in Ferguson for four years, previously he spent two years in the different jurisdiction of Jennings.

On August 14, hacktivist group, Anonymous, incorrectly named Bryan Willman as the shooter.

Darren Wilson cop in Missouri Michael Brown


3. Wilson Left Town ‘Days Ago’

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St. Louis reporter Aamer Madhani has said that Wilson lives in Crestwood, Missouri. Madhani tweeted that when he went to Wilson’s home in the St. Louis suburb, a police officer came by to say Wilson had left “days ago.” Crestwood is located about 25 miles south of Ferguson.

4. There Is Another Darren Wilson in the St. Louis PD

Michael Brown shooting death, Darren Wilson


A different St. Louis police department officer named Darren Wilson “fears for his safety,” reports Fox 2. That Darren Wilson is the president of the Ethical Society of the Police and not the same officer who shot Michael Brown.

5. Police Have Identified Mike Brown as a Robbery Suspect

In a press release, Ferguson police identified Michael Brown as a suspect in “strong-arm robbery” of a convenience store, just prior to the shooting. The robbers are alleged to have stolen cigars. The police report states that Brown “grabbed” a store clerk and “pushed him back” after stealing “numerous packs of cigars.”

Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, has also been named as a suspect in the convenience store robbery. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Johnson’s lawyers are saying that their client was in the store and that cigars were stolen. Chief Jackson confirmed that the cigars were found on Brown’s dead body. He added that Wilson’s stopping of Brown, had nothing to do with the robbery.

The news follows another night of protests in Ferguson. These protests came after Gov. Nixon told the St. Louis County police to stand down in Ferguson. The agency was replaced by the Missouri Highway Patrol. Reports from the ground in the aftermath of the announcement indicated that residents are “angry, but peaceful.”

Jay Nixon Darren Wilson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. (Getty)

The Ferguson PD was subject to numerous Sunshine requests regarding the name. Police had previously said they wouldn’t name the shooter. There has been no disciplinary action taken against Wilson, according to Jackson. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon welcomed the naming of the officer, he told NBC News: “It’s good news after a great deal of prodding they’re going to release the name of this officer.”



Hosni Habif

In Muslim countries with sharia law they don’t shoot you, they cut off your hand. They call them one arm bandits. The kid should have told the cop he worked on wall street where its not a crime to steal and everything would have been fine.


Another knee jerk reaction by the, ever ready to exploit a situation, black community. This kid was involved in a strong armed robbery right be fore he was justifiably killed by a police officer doing his job. The black community and their hired hit men like Al Sharpton jump out and scream racisim at the drop of a hat. Bunch of idiots. If the black community would simply step up and take responsibility for the actions of their youth maybe they could turn things around. As it is they still want scapegoats and excuses for their inability to make a better life for themselves. Its their own fault and things will not get better for them until they take some personal responsibility for their own actions.

Sir xavier horsechode

Civilization is based on a clearly defined and widely accepted yet often unarticulated hierarchy. Violence done by those higher on the hierarchy to those lower is nearly always invisible, that is, unnoticed. When it is noticed, it is fully rationalized. Violence done by those lower on the hierarchy to those higher is unthinkable, and when it does occur is regarded with shock, horror, and the fetishization of the victims.


Totally agree to Lsdemme2001’s comment. The black community think they have a right to destroy and vandalize other peoples’ properties just because one of their kind was caught commiting a crime. Notice some of them have covered their faces to avoid recognition; a clear sign they know they are doing something wrong.


Sound a bit like someone else maybe? Cough, kkk,cough…. but lets just forget about that right?


Lsdemme2001 is absolutely correct. The blacks think they have a right to destroy and vandalise other peoples’ properties just because one of them was caught committing a crime. They know they are doing something wrong by the fact they are masking their faces in an attempt not to be recognised.


Actually the real masking was the St. Louis County PD with their helmets and masks.


The problem is the overgeneralization of blacks as it with the overgeneralizing of police officers and white people. All blacks are not criminals because some act in a criminal fashion, all police officers are not corrupt or out to kill or violate the civil rights of all black young men because the one in question is and all white people are not racists as evidenced by the whites that have come out to protest this senseless, brazen killing. Some people of each group fit into the above categories , but not all. The blacks destroying and vandalizing other people’s properties do not represent the majority of black people and you are a racist fool if you believe so. It is easier to believe that than to stick to the facts which are a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager as he was surrendering with his hands in the air and attempting to kneel to the ground. Shot at least 6 times, once in the eye and once to the top of his head (these were the final two shots), once in the palm of his hand as he raised it in surrender, 3 in his arm. The blacks who are looting and vandalizing need to be arrested and thrown in jail..they care nothing about what has happened,merely capitalizing on an opportunity, they are reprehensible but that cop needs to be thrown in jail as well because what he did was despicable. Right after he murdered this boy he fled the scene. Has been spirited out of town.

Rasheeda McDaniel

Who in the black community is saying that the looters are right and shouldn’t go to jail? What? Are you guys angry that the cops aren’t shooting THEM down in the streets like dogs without their due process? Well, don’t worry, there will be more black guys dying in the streets before its all over, to satisfy your sick need to see people you don’t understand die. People, I believe that heaven and hell are real, and everyone of us are going to pay for all of the crap the we dole out.


In a word, “no”. Stealing a box of cigars, pushing a guy in a store and running away from an officer does not justify shooting, and NOTHING justifies shooting an individual who has stopped to surrender. Your victim-blaming comment says more about YOU than about the Ferguson community.


And your comments is what’s wrong with this society now. This time it was a box of cigars. Next time it will be money and probably somebody will get hurt, maybe shot dead. Overlook this incident and watch what you’ll get. EXFL is a total idiot.


riiiiiiigghhhttttt……so lets kill him now before he thinks about stealing another box…..pre-crime division….taking conspiracy penalties to a whole new level……hence they have TASERS AND HANDCUFFS…..judges and juries…..jails and prisons…..but mind you, Wilson still had no clue who Brown was…was just pissed he wouldnt get out of the street….<— thats from the ferg chief of polices mouth….lets put it in relative terms….in yours or my hands as a licensed ccw holder….it would be murder….if a man has given up and no longer represents a threat and you STILL fire your weapon and kill him thats murder….regardless of the mans crime or previous actions…


and heres the last thing why i think the police know they were wrong…..no crime scene investigation….none at all…..they bagged the body and left the scene….no pictures, no evidence marking no questioning witnesses, just scooped the body up and got the fuck out of there….there is no physical admissable evidence availabe since its now all tainted by the streets…..horrific


Oh, you were there and saw what happened? You should alert the authorities and clear all this up then… Why do you assume to KNOW he stopped to surrender?


If your kid was killed in the middle of the street you’d probably have a different opinion, and even if the young man did steal a lousy box of cigars does that justify an unarmed man being murdered?


Lsdemme2001———-you said it all. What pisses me off about this is all the stupid comments made by people that immediately blame the police for what happened before getting all the facts. And so many of these people were white. Idiots like Sharpton & Jackson always jump in and claim it was a racial thing before they have any of the facts. And the blacks? They are always looking for something to riot about. It’s been awhile so they were due. A robbery is a robbery whether it’s a pack of gum, a box of cigars or a hundred dollars. It’s calling stealing and is against the law. Cudos for your remarks.


He doesn’t deserve to die for stealing. If he was surrendering he deserves a trial.


If Brown could have gotten the gun away from the officer, the officer would be DEAD. But keep on stealing and bring Sharpton and Jackson, the two biggest racists of all>


If Brown had killed the officer, we wouldn’t be having all these discussions that we are having now. It wouldn’t be news outside the local area. Chances are we wouldn’t have even known that a suspect had murdered an officer during an altercation.

Rasheeda McDaniel

That’s what bothers me, some of you are sooooo selective in what rumors you want to believe. You believe that there was a struggle, but we have no proof yet. You don’t want to believe that he surrendered, and there’s no proof yet of that either. I’m actually glad that it’s not a white/ black issue, because a lot of whites see the injustice in this as well and know that some of you are eyeless, mouth-less, sheep like followers, and it has been ingrained in you not to ever question the government or law authority.The truth is that the REAL citizens of America, of every color and walk of life need you, and all the people like you of every color and walk of life. You can’t play chess without the pawns.


I am guessing no “white” (which they are not even close to being) has ever stolen a cigar!?? Or maybe brown was harmed with a weapon? or can you say killing is acceptable in the so called civilized world we live in? Or maybe you are from a barbaric world where that is perfectly fine…. If so can you point me to a case where a Caucasian young man had been shot to death when he was not harm or clearly assaulted the officer to the point of self defense?? Can you?… Mr I’m not racist, I am just stating the facts…. You claim the black community will just find a chance to jump any events to them as racism… what is America exactly? If not a nation of many nations fighting for Americans rights? But then again you probably don’t see any of the so called lazy “black” people as equal Americans (racism)


he attacked the cop and went for his gun prior to the shooting, has anyone not heard that yet? Are we still playing poor black man got shot? The race card is always out when it comes to the blacks getting shot, or hurt. But lets not forget they kill each other off all nite long in every major city out there, over drugs, shoes, coats, whatever they feel like. And they loot businesses any chance they get. Always looking to blame the whites and always doing something illegal prior to their troubles….. And if that sounds racist to you then apparently you dont see all the crime they commit and what they do to each other……. In towns that are nothing but blacks, you see the most crime. Just a fkng fact. And if you cant look that up and see for yourself too bad. Baltimore and DC are full of black on black crimes, every damn day. But once someone toher than a black does it, its racist. BS. Theres always more to the story, and so in this case as well. I wouldnt want to live in a city full of em, I can tell you that much. They bring on their own troubles, then cry racism. Wait till all the facts are out before you start blaming the whites, which by the way the cop who shot him is probably black…… although they claim out of 53 cops in that town only 3 are black….


You insinuate you’re not racist yet “I wouldn’t want to live in a city full of em” (blacks) the fact is regardless of color shooting anyone in the back for cigars (which were unknown to the officer at the time) is wrong. And neither of the witnesses mention the suspect going for the officer’s gun. Yes there will be people who play the race card whenever the opportunity arises. Ignore that and look at the facts. The suspect was shot unarmed after being stopped for j-walking whether he was surrendering or running it’s unacceptable to gun him down.


Strong armed robbery? Who is the idiot now? A strong armed robbery? How!? The kid had no weapon!!! You must mean in a literal sense then, strong arms? Then ok. And the cop had NOOOOOO idea about the incident at the store! Please know what you’re speaking on before trying to blame an entire race! Parents of all races need to properly raise their children to be productive and positive citizens! Just as those parents of Adam Lanza, who shot and killed innocent people and kids at SandyHook! Perhaps if his mom wouldve hugged him more, he wouldntve turned into such a monster!


I think the word racist fits when describing you. Anyone who thinks shooting down any human being the way that teenager was shot down has some mental issues. People like you will feel the wrath of the Lord when Judgement Day comes. Time and time again I see posts like this from old hateful white men trying talk down to other groups of people. No one cares what your opinion is about the Black Community or it’s Leaders we want the MURDERER behind BARS! and that’s all we want to talk about!


@anonymous- You are a shining example of the ignorant hypocrites that are out there screaming racism right now. Who are you to judge me and say what is going to happen to me when I stand before God? Do you speak for God? just by your statements you are telling everyone that YOU are the one who has all the right answers and opinions. Even to go so far as to judge me before God!

I feel sorry for you and your kind. Especially since you obviously revere fools like Sharpton and Jackson.

Here are some facts that you should spend some time pondering:

1.) If the thug “Big Mike” had not bullied and robbed a store owner he would not have been walking down the road with his accomplice in crime at the time of the incident.
2.) His accomplice, who was at his side while he was physically assaulting the store owner and stealing from him, is the “witness” who claims that the thug Big Mike was surrendering. Not a very reliable witness considering he was just involved in a robbery with thug Mike.
3.) If Thug Mike would have simply left the roadway as requested by the police he would still be alive. Instead he cops an attitude with the police and escalates the incident. Typical thug behavior..
4.) What possible justifiable and logical reason would Thug Mike have for leaning into the window of the police car? None. He was exhibiting his confrontational bad ass attitude and attempting to intimidate the cop just like he did the innocent store owner.
5.) Thug Mike was NOT shot in the back. Thats a fact determined by an autopsy commissioned by his “parents”. I use the term parents loosely, as real parents know how to keep their children from becoming thugs, gangsters and gangster wannabes.
6.) Blacks need to take a good hard look at themselves and adjust their behavior in society. Instead of always claiming victimization they should try personal responsibility. There is nothing in black society that prevents them from overcoming anything…except their own behaviors, attitude and outlook. every single other minority in this country has found the strenght to overcome prejudice and hardship through hard work and personal responsibility. More blacks should try that approach.
7.) Stop your “holier than thou” attitude and maybe you can have a more realistic view of what is happening in the black community.
8.) Personal responsibility. Personal responsibility. Personal responsibility. Get it?


Gary, how do you come to the conclusion that Mr. Brown was killed “over a box of cigars”? Nobody was killed over a box of cigars.


Did you see the size of that so called kid , if he reached for the cops gun or threatened him it may well be self defense for the cop. God knows I’m not a cop lover but give them time to investigate before bowing to the racist Sharpton-Jackson crowd.


I really hope that the cop who shot this thug is a black man. The silence will be deafening and Sharpton wont be able to get his racist ass out of there fast enough.

Karen Braun

What was not needed here is holder and obama. It is truly amazing the amount of racial tension and hatred since 2008 when obama was electeed president. How many “innocent black kids” are murdered in chicago each day??? How many have been murdered in Iraq just because ISIS fighters saw them as being “garbage”??? does that really count as similar here? no but the media attention and outcry needs to be looked at s it is just plain wrong.


No one knows what REALLY happened there. No one is saying the Michael Brown was a “nice kid”, especially from the photos of him choking the store clerk. From the pics, he was a violent kid though, but probably should not have been shot.

BTW- I am black and some of my fellas have compared this with Treyvon. Come on fellas, not even close…..


I am glad he didn’t kill the clerk or hurt the clerk but the truth is even if he did doesn’t give the cop a right to kill him if he was surrendering like they said he was.

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