Franki Roberts, Pat’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Franki Roberts is the wife of long-time Republican Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, who’s in danger of losing his seat to independent Greg Orman.

Here’s what you need to know about Franki:

1. Pat & Franki Roberts Have Been Married Since 1969

The couple have three children, one son and two daughtera; David, Ashleigh, and Anne-Wesley. They also have five grandchildren and are listed as Methodist.

The two met when Franki was a South Carolina staffer in the office of Senator Strom Thurmond on Capitol Hill.

2. They Don’t Own a Home in Kansas

While Pat Roberts is running for the Kansas senate, Franki and her husband do not own a home in the state. The two actually live in Virginia, with the house they claim residence being owned and occupied by campaign contributors C. Duane and Phyllis Ross.

3. Franki Is a Realtor in Virginia

Franki Roberts sells homes in Virginia as a realtor, near the couples regular residence of living in Alexandria.

The Roberts even listed their home as Alexandria, Virginia for campaign reimbursements.

4. The Roberts’ Children Went to School in Virginia

Franki’s children went to school in Dodge City for a few months but, attended and graduated from high schools in Alexandria, Virginia, before later attending college in Kansas. David and Margaret Ashleigh both graduated high school from West Potomac in Virginia. Her two daughters, Margaret Ashleigh and Anne Wesley, both attended the University of Kansas, while her son David attended Kansas State and Washburn.

5. Franki’s Husband is the Republican Candidate in Kansas

Pat Roberts, husband of Franki Roberts, is the current Republican candidate and senator in the 2014 Senate race, running against millionaire independent Greg Orman. Roberts is pro life, likes an increase in law enforcement opportunities and education, an increasing penalties for drug offenses and supports immediate reductions in greenhouse gases, with a focus on environmental results and less on regulation.