Lisan Goines, Steve Kroft’s Mistress? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Esteemed 60 Minutes journalist Steve Kroft has admitted to an extended and kinky affair with a mistress named Lisan Goines. Goines is a New York-based, Harvard-educated lawyer who, like Kroft, is married.

Read on for the facts on Goines, the alleged cheating scandal, and Kroft’s wife Jennet Conant.

1. The Affair Lasted 3 Years

The National Enquirer broke the story, reporting that Kroft and his girlfriend carried on an affair for three years. Radar Online wrote:

The magazine’s investigation reveals that Kroft, 69, spent the evening of December 17 with Lisan at Manhattan’s five-star Essex House.

This occurred just blocks from where Kroft lives with his wife. A witness says:

They looked like lovers. It was electric. They chatted like old friends over a couple of cocktails and gazed into each other’s eyes. They were completely smitten.

2. Kroft ‘Convinced Her He Was in a Sexless Marriage’

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Steve Kroft and his wife, Jennet Conant. (Getty)

According to the bombshell report, Kroft “convinced” Goines that he was in a sexless marriage with his wife, Jennet Conant, a fellow author and journalist.

Kroft confirmed the affair to the New York Post:

I had an extramarital affair that was a serious lapse of personal judgment and extremely hurtful to my wife and family, and for that I have nothing but regret. My wife and I are committed to each other and are working hard to get past this, and consider it a private matter.

The couple have one son together.

3. In Raunchy Sexts, Kroft Said He Wanted to ‘Eat Her Pudding’

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According to the Enquirer’s investigation, Kroft’s unbridled passion came through in steamy sexts to his much-younger mistress. The alleged messages include these nasty tidbits:

“Miss you and all that goes with it. Especially my favorite tastes and colors … pink and brown.”

“Working late. Just ordered out. Would rather be eating your pudding.”

According to the Enquirer, Kroft’s Viagra-fueled affair with Goines also included kinky games like drinking champagne out of her butt.

4. They Met at a Hotel Bar & Kroft Couldn’t Get Enough

steve kroft affair, lisan goines


According to The Enquirer, Kroft first met Goines in 2011 at a bar in the St. Regis hotel and struck up conversation with her. A source said:

Steve quickly told Lisan, ‘I have to see you again.’ A few weeks later, he arranged to meet her at another hotel for cocktails. After the drinks, he handed her a room key and told her it was the only way he ‘could be alone’ with her. There was a lot of kissing and touching, but he couldn’t spend the night because he had to get back to his wife.

The affair then supposedly moved to the Four Seasons hotel and went from luxury hotels to more low-end rooms as the relationship continued.

5. Goines Did Not Want Kroft to Leave His Wife

Goines was also married and reportedly did not want Kroft to leave his wife. A source said:

Lisan never wanted him to leave his wife, and she never contemplated leaving her husband and she told him it was best that it end.

In addition, the source said that Goines and Kroft broke up but still continued to see each other.