WATCH: Austin Dillon NASCAR Sprint Cup Daytona Crash

American stock car racing driver Austin Dillon, 25, was racing in the Sprint Cup Daytona 2015 Coke Zero 400 Monday morning when at the end of the race he was involved in a fiery crash that injured 5 fans. According to USA Today:

Dillon walked away and waved to the crowd after his car got airborne and was torn apart by the fence. He was been checked and released from the infield care center with a bruised tailbone and forearm.

Of the five fans injured, one had to be taken to a hospital.

After being seen by a doctor, Dillon told reporters at the scene:

“We’ve got to figure out something. Our speeds are too high, I think. I think everybody could get good racing with slower speeds. We can work at that, and then figure out a way to keep the cars on the ground. That’s the next thing. We’re fighting hard to make the racing good. I hope the fans appreciate that. We don’t, but it’s our job. You go out there and hold it wide open to the end and hope you make it through.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race.