Lecent Ross: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lecent Ross


A 14-year-old girl shot herself in the face while she played with a friend’s gun. The tragic incident happened in Toronto on the morning of July 9. That girl has been named Lecent Ross, a recent middle school graduate.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Speaking to the Toronto Sun, a police source said that the emergency rush to get the girl to a local hospital was called off. That source added “It usually only means one thing. And it’s not good.” The incident occurred along Jamestown Crescent in the city. Witnesses said Ross wasn’t moving and didn’t have any vital signs. A few hours after the shooting, Ross was confirmed as being killed.

2. Ross had recently graduated from Greenholme middle school, according to CTV’s Amanda Ferguson. On her Twitter page, it shows that she turned 14 on June 11. This was her last tweet:

3. Her last Facebook post game a day before the shooting. It showed a photo of her laughing with the caption “I can tell you were analyzing me.” An apparent reference to the Nicki Minaj song, “Buy a Heart.”

4. Back in April 2009, her godmother, Natalie Burgher, was killed in a “mysterious fire,” reported the Toronto Sun at the time. Also killed in the fire was pregnant mother Schanelle Brown and her 4-year-old son, Jahshy.

5. In 2011, Canada had 153 gun related homicides, according to Gun Policy. That same resource says that there are 9.9 million privately owned guns in Canada.