WATCH: Kid Uses Lighter in Car Full of Leaking Aerosol Spray

Burnt in the car!3 people suffered 3 degree burns for leaving a compressed spray inside the car for couple of hours at noon when it was above 100 Fahrenheit outside. The spray bottle from the heat leaked the gas on it. Without any notice of the smell of the gas, the guy in the back seat lit a…2015-09-02T01:08:40.000Z

Two teenagers were filming a video in a car when one lit a lighter and accidentally ignited a leaking can of Fid Fad Anti-Static Clothes Spray.

Fid Fad is a common anti-static spray in Gulf countries however it’s unclear where the video was filmed. It was shared on YouTube by Saad Khalid, but it’s unknown if he’s one of the two teenagers in the car.

An article about the incident on Arabic news website Akhbarak has a statement from one of the boys in the car:

My brother and I are both fine, thank God. I got 6% burns to my body. What happened was that we were having fun in the car filming a video with the windows closed and we smelled something funny but we didn’t know it was Fid Fad and we didn’t give it much attention. Then my brother used the lighter which set the gas on fire. I’m glad to say we are safe and all the rumors that got out are not true, and be careful of gas leaks anywhere.

A photo of one of the teenagers being treated in the hospital was also shared.

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