WATCH: The Apocalyptic Firenado Videos You Need to See

Forget about sharknado, now we have a FIREnado. After a Jim Beam factory was struck by lightning, a firenado erupted. This fire tornado, shown in the video above, makes all those apocalyptic movies seem like they could really be possible. To create the firenado, the Jim Beam factory was first struck by lightning and spilled 800,00 gallons of bourbon into a nearby lake, WCPO reported. This particular firenado happened back in 2003 and took very special conditions to create, but it’s not the only firenado to be recorded and archived forever on YouTube.

Here are a few more firenado videos that you need to see:

This firenado video posted above, recorded in Idaho, shows the intense power that these weather anomalies can wreak. WeatherNation explains that these are sometimes created when turbulent winds combine with rising heat and fire.

ABC News reported on the firenado above, which was caught on video in the Australian outback. ABC News explained that when ground level wind comes in contact with warm rising air, it can be propelled upward, creating a firenado. It is rare for these firenadoes to last longer than a few minutes.

The above firenado was shared by Euronews when wildfires were raging in San Diego, California a year ago.

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