Bubble Soccer on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview

bubble soccer


The National Association of Bubble Soccer entered the Shark Tank on November 20 to introduce the game where players wear an inflatable bubble. We interviewed John Anthony Radosta, the League Commissioner at the National Association of Bubble Soccer who told us about…

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The Origin of Bubble Soccer & How It’s Played

The idea for the sport came about from a Norwegian TV show in which two comedians did a crazy take on traditional soccer using these unique inflatables. What was originally intended as a joke has now become a worldwide phenomenon. The game is akin to traditional soccer in that two teams must use their feet to advanced the ball towards their opponents goal and score, however full contact is allowed. The game is played in quarters and also utilizes various rules from both professional hockey and professional football that limit the nature of contact to ensure player safety.

The Equipment & Why It’s Expensive

The equipment can be bought directly from the National Association of Bubble Soccer, just send an inquiry through the ‘Buy’ page on our site and we’ll reach out. The investment in our authorized WreckingBallz equipment is an investment in a business, much the same way a baker would look at an investment in a proper commercial grade oven. Why is a commercial grade oven so expensive compared to a traditional oven? Because its capable of being monetized and provide a service to a much higher degree than a standard oven you may have in your own home. Our focus is helping aspiring entrepreneurs and sports organization launch bubble soccer businesses. For the consumer side, its much more cost-efficient to either rent or sign up for league play with our affiliates. This also allows for the proper administration of games through an experienced NABS affiliate, thus ensuring player safety. So when you look at bubble soccer as an investment in a business rather than a discretionary purchase, its actually surprisingly affordable. After all, how many franchises can be started for less than a $10,000 investment? Next to none from our research. Usually, that won’t even cover the licensing fee.

How His Appearance on the ‘Tank’ Came About

I went to an open casting call in Miami, which wasn’t too far of a drive from where I live. I showed up at 8:00 am, and didn’t get to pitch until about 6:00 pm. It was an incredibly long day. When I actually got in front of a producer, I only had about six minutes to present my case. So I hit the main points, used a lot of visual aids on an iPad I brought, and finished off my audition by dropping a P&L on the table to show our growth. It was enough to clinch a spot in a series of other continuous rounds of auditioning through which each phase, I managed to get through.

His Future Plans

Our plans for Advanced Sports Technology is to continue growing and continuing developing new product concepts in addition to continuously developing our current offerings. For the National Association of Bubble Soccer, the sport is growing at an exponential rate according to our rather extensive database of players and rental requests and search query data. We’re laser-focused on continuing to roll out affiliate franchises throughout North America to keep up with the roar of the market. As we approach critical mass, we’ve already started to leverage our provider network for things like product distribution, sponsorships, tournaments, and yes, the Bubble Bowl.