SockTABs on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

SockTABs entered the Shark Tank on November 20 to pitch their solution to losing socks. We interviewed Tracie A. Burress, who entered the Tank with her husband, Glen. When asked about her future plans, she said, “We hope to make SockTABs a household name. We know that every person that has feet and wears socks have searched for the ‘other sock.’ Let’s face it, every sock has a mate let’s keep it that way.” Here is what she also told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

The idea came after we would visit several homes of friends and family and noticed how many socks were laying around in baskets waiting to be matched. This was also a problem in our home as we had several baskets and drawers full of socks waiting to be reunited with its mate. Glen actually went to work wearing a dark blue sock in a black sock. Each day he became more more frustrated with searching for matching socks. One day he purchased $175 worth of socks thinking that it would solve the problem. I mentioned to him that he only is adding to the problem and not truly addressing the need to keep socks together. I know that great ideas come out of necessity and this inspired us to create SockTABs. We knew that it had to be convenient. One tab stays on one sock at all times, making it available when you remove your socks. SockTABs is similar in feature to a cufflink. Where it is both a stylish accessory but also functional in keeping your socks together. Now your socks and go into the hamper together, into the washer together, and most importantly they come out of the dryer together.

The Pros & Cons of Working With Her Husband

There are definitely pros and cons with working with your spouse. The pros are allowing you to spend time with your best friend, or someone that you know and trust and you know has your back in the trenches. The cons are starting a company and launching a business can take over your entire life.

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Their ‘Tank’ Experience

We auditioned for Shark Tank’s Season 7 in an open casting call in Las Vegas in January 2015. I believe we were number 483 out of 500 would be entrepreneurs. We were given one minute to pitch our idea to a producer for the show. We were slightly nervous for the show. However, we were well prepared and ready to face whatever the sharks would throw our way.

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