LISTEN: New Jersey Girl Calls 911 After Touching ‘Elf on the Shelf’

A 7-year-old New Jersey girl called 911 in a panic after accidentally knocking over her Elf on the Shelf. According to the popular children’s book, the elf doll, which watches over children for Santa Claus, loses its magic if it is touched or moved.

Listen to her call above.

The girl, Isabella LaPeruta, of Old Bridge, New Jersey, told the dispatcher she accidentally called, and tried to stop them from sending police to her house. But the officer was sent anyway to check up on her.

“Isabella apologized. She touched the Elf on a Shelf. She won’t call 911 again,” the officer radioed back to headquarters after going to the house.

Isabella and her mother were interviewed by NBC New York. Watch below:

Her mother, Lynanne, who was sleeping at the time of her daughter’s call, said she thinks her daughter learned a lesson.

“I think she knows not to call 911 unless it’s an emergency, and an Elf of the Shelf falling off the shelf is not an emergency,” she told NBC New York.

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