Michael Cavallari Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Michael Cavallari, the brother of reality star Kristin Cavallari and brother-in-law of NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, is missing, police say. (Grand County Sheriff’s Office)

The brother of reality star Kristin Cavallari has been found dead, just days after he was formally reported missing.

Kristin Cavallari announced her brother’s death in a December 10 statement to E! News.

“We want to thank everyone for their love, support and prayers during this very difficult time,” Kristin Cavallari said in the statement. “We have just been informed by the authorities my brother’s body has been found. This is a very painful time and we are still processing it all. We kindly ask everyone please respect our privacy during our time of grieving.”

Michael Cavallari, 30, had been missing since the day after Thanksgiving, November 27, police in Utah say.

Michael Cavallari had not been seen since he made a purchase at a convenience store in Monticello, Utah, on that day, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office says. Cavallari’s car was found abandoned on Interstate 70. The sheriff’s office said they are investigating his disappearance as an active missing persons case, according to a press release issued on December 6.

Cavallari is also the brother-in-law of Kristin’s husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Kristin Cavallari, now an actress, is best known for the MTV reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills.

Kristin Cavallari tweeted on Monday, “I appreciate the thoughts &prayers that have been extended to me & my family. I have such gratitude for those that have shared their support.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cavallari’s Car Appeared to Have Hit a Large Rock on the Side of the Road

Cavallari’s car, a 2014 Honda Civic, appeared to have hit a large rock on the side of the road, the Deseret News reports.

The car was running and its airbag was deployed when police found it. The car was reported to police by a passerby. Police searched the area, but could not locate the driver, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office said in its press release.

The car was found in southeastern Utah, about five miles from exit 175 on Interstate 70, between Green River and Crescent Junction, police said. The passerby spotted the car about 100 feet from the road.

“We’re combing the area for anything we can find,” Sheriff Steven White told the Deseret News. “We’re deeming it suspicious, but there’s nothing to indicate anything one way or another. The vehicle was just abandoned.”

2. His Laptop & Cell Phone Were Found Inside the Car

Michael Cavallari, Michael Cavallari missing

Cavallari’s car was found off the road. (Grand County Sheriff’s Office)

Cavallari’s laptop and cell phone were found inside the car, police told the Deseret News.

After tracing the car to Cavallari, police found his credit card had last been used to make a purchase at a convenience store at a Monticello gas station. The car was found about 100 miles north of Monticello, police said.

Deputies viewed video surveillance from the store and confirmed it was Cavallari who made the purchase there.

3. He Lives in California & Was Headed to Illinois

Michael Cavallari, Michael Cavallari missing

Cavallari was seen on surveillance video making a purchase at a convenience store in Utah. (Grand County Sheriff’s Office)

Michael Cavallari lives in San Clemente, California, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office says. He is believed to have been trying to get to Illinois, according Missing Persons of America.

His sister and her husband live in Illinois, where Cutler is the quarterback of the Bears. Michael is Kristin’s only sibling.

4. Kristin Cavallari’s Third Child Was Born Days Before Her Brother Disappeared

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Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari welcomed their third child on November 23. (Getty)

Kristin Cavallari gave birth to her third child, a daughter, just days before her brother disappeared. She gave birth to their first daughter, Saylor, on November 23 in Illinois.

She posted on Instagram on November 29, saying she was “really sad” about missing her 10-year high school reunion in Laguna Beach.

5. A Source Told the Missing Persons Website That Cavallari’s Family Was Keeping It Quiet

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A source told Missing Persons of America about Cavallari’s disappearance after growing frustrated that it had not been made public, the website says.

The website first reported on the case on December 3, and it was picked up by media in Utah days later, leading to a police press release.

The source told the website the family was keeping things quiet because of “how it would look for Kristin.”

Cutler was asked during a press conference following the Bears loss to the 49ers on Sunday if the reports of his brother-in-law’s disappearance had affected his play.