Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, Donald Trump’s Mother, Part of Trump-Cruz Feud

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Donald Trump has questioned Ted Cruz’s citizenship due to his parentage, but his own mother was born in Scotland. (Getty)

Donald Trump has questioned the eligibility of main rival Ted Cruz to be President, noting that Cruz was born in Canada. Cruz shot back during the January 14 debate by detailing the parentage of eligible citizens born outside America, including John McCain and George Romney, then highlighted the fact that Trump’s mother was born outside America.

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump was born on the Scottish island of Lewis in 1912. On a visit to New York, she met Trump’s father Fred, and the two were married in 1936. Trump’s mother was naturalized in 1942. Photos of Trump’s mother and other family members appear in the video below.

As Cruz noted, Mary McLeod Trump’s naturalization, as well as Fred Trump’s citizenship, establish Donald Trump’s natural born citizenship.

Watch the testy exchange below: