State of the Union 2016 Time: When Is the Address?

Tonight is President Obama’s final State of the Union Address and the White House has released the following statement about what to expect:

When President Obama took office seven years ago, we were involved in two wars, losing over 800,000 jobs a month, and weathering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But, with his leadership and the determination of the American people, we have made extraordinary progress on the path to a stronger country and a brighter future. We’ve proven that, together, we can overcome great challenges. In his last State of the Union, President Obama will lay out the ways that we, as the American people, can once again come together in pursuit of a country worthy of generations to come.

So, when is the 2016 State of the Union on tonight? Read on for all the best information including live stream details, what channel the address airs on and more.

DATE: January 12, 2016

TIME: 9:00 p.m. ET – 11:00 p.m. ET

TV CHANNEL: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX BUSINESS – Click here to find the exact channel to watch, using the FOX BUSINESS channel finder. The address is featured on pretty much every major network.

LIVE STREAM: Tonight, the SOTU will be available on the White House website, the White House YouTube channel, Amazon Instant Video and FOX Business Live. Click here for all the details on how to watch any and all of the available live streams.


FIRST LADY’S GUESTS: (Special Note: One chair “will be left empty for the victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice.”), Syrian refugee Refaai Hamo, Edith Childs, Sue Ellen Allen, Oscar Vazquez, Gloria Balenski, Jennifer Bragdon, Lisa Jaster, Kathleen O’Toole, Mark Luttrell, Satya Nadella, Dannel Malloy, Braeden Mannering, Cynthia K. Dias, Mark Davis, Cary Dixon, Naveed Shah, Earl Smith, Spencer Stone, Jim Obergefell, Ronna Rice, Cedric Rowland, Ryan Reyes, and Lydia Doza. For full details on Michelle Obama’s guest list and each individual, read more via USA Today.


There is always a “designated survivor,” who is a member of the cabinet designated to be at an undisclosed location when he delivers the speech, just in case something happens to the president, vice president and speaker.

President Obama’s presidency is scheduled to end on January 20, 2017.