When Do the Polls Open and Close Today in Nevada?

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Hillary Clinton stands with her family and supporters in Nevada, where she’s predicted to win tonights caucus. (Getty)

Nevada marks the next stop on the primary race tonight, and recent polls suggest it’s going to get interesting. Hillary Clinton leads recent polls by a nose, but there’s still plenty of room for a Sanders upset. At stake are 43 delegates, promising to make a huge impact in the 4-delegate┬álead Sanders has over Clinton.

Starting at <b>2 p.m. Eastern</b>, Nevada voters will start heading for caucuses to vote for their preferred Democratic candidate. The Nevada caucus is dissimilar to a typical primary election, with each candidate’s campaign getting to make a final appeal to caucus-goers before a secret ballot is cast. The ballots are counted by hand onsite, after which the results are reported to the state Democratic committee and to the media. This convoluted process means that despite the early start, we may not know for quite a while who actually won the caucus and the final split of delegates between Clinton and Sanders.