The Day 1 Wisconsin recount update showed Donald Trump lost 2 votes and Hillary Clinton lost one. The person who gained most: Jill Stein.

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Wisconsin recount results are trickling in and, on day one, Donald Trump gained a few votes against Hillary Clinton. See results, live videos, updates, photos.

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Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over Donald Trump now exceeds 2.5 million, and she has almost received the same number of votes as Barack Obama did in 2012.

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Following the scandal surrounding Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, aka “u/spez,” and “Pizzagate,” Redditors subscribed to the subreddit for President-elect Trump have noticed that /r/The_Donald is “invisible” to non-subscribers on /r/all.

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Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City on Tuesday night to present an award to Katy Perry.

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Election recount 2016 costs are estimated in the millions, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein received $6 million in donations. Where will the recount money go?

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The final Electoral College tally is in for the 2016 election, and Kellyanne Conway calls Donald Trump’s victory historic and a “landslide.” Is she right?

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Donald Trump unleashed a Twitterstorm against Hillary Clinton over 2016 presidential election recounts being sought in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

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A recount will verify 2016 presidential election results in Wisconsin. Jill Stein wants recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania too. Hillary Clinton has joined the Wisconsin recount effort, and Trump is condemning it.

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A Michigan recount of 2016 Clinton vs. Trump presidential election results is likely, although a recount hasn’t been filed. Jill Stein is raising money for it.

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Jill Stein has filed a law suit seeking a Pennsylvania recount into 2016 Clinton vs. Trump presidential election results. She is also seeking recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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A Wisconsin recount will occur into 2016 presidential election results that showed a Donald Trump victory over Hillary Clinton after the Green Party’s Jill Stein filed for one after crowdfunding millions.

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Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, aka “spez,” has admitted to editing posts on a subreddit dedicated to President-Elect Donald Trump after “fake news” claims on a subreddit tied Hillary Clinton to an alleged child abuse ring.

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What should you do when Donald Trump and the 2016 presidential election come up at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Politics and Thanksgiving rarely mix. Here are some tips.

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Popular vote 2016 totals and results show Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by more than 2 million popular votes, although Trump won the Electoral College.

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Some data experts allege the 2016 election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania could have been hacked or rigged. They want Hillary Clinton to seek recounts.

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