Clinton tenderly comforted Hillary at the Inauguration of Donald Trump. Both Clintons attended the inaugural address.

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Hillary and Bill Clinton attended Trump’s inauguration. See photos of them here. We will be adding more photos as the day progresses.

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Dominic Puopolo – a DNC donor whose family has ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton and whose mother died on 9/11 – is accused of making an assassination threat on Twitter for the inauguration.

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Trump’s proposed cabinet has multiple ties to a campaign scapegoat.

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Is Hillary Clinton attending Trump’s inauguration? If so, why? Some supporters aren’t too excited that she might be there.

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With Donald Trump’s inauguration not attracting A list celebrities, Democrats are trying to organize a rival concert called We the People in Miami to show him up.

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Final, certified 2016 popular vote totals show that Hillary Clinton had a 2.1% margin over Donald Trump, although it was driven largely by California.

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The FBI’s warrant to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop for emails linked to Hillary Clinton, issued just days before the election, has been made public. Read the entire warrant here.

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President-Elect Donald Trump attacked former President Bill Clinton on Twitter this morning, mocking him and the Hillary Clinton team for losing the election.

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David Mulinix is the Hawaii elector who voted for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton. Learn more about him and why he turned faithless here.

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Electoral college vs. popular vote: As the Electoral College votes, Hillary Clinton leads in the popular vote by more than 2% and 2.8 million votes over Donald Trump.

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Today electors are voting in 50 states and DC. Here’s how to watch the electoral college vote live online in multiple states, with links to live sessions.

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Is there any chance that after the Electoral College vote today, Hillary Clinton might still have a chance at becoming President?

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The Wisconsin recount final day 12 results are in, and they show that Donald Trump’s lead grew. The numbers are now final. The final update shows no significant changes.

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Wisconsin recount results for day 11 show that totals are almost complete, but Milwaukee is still not in.

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Wisconsin recount results for day 10 show that Trump leads with 95% in, but the City of Milwaukee totals are still not yet fully completed.

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