Early voting results are rolling in, but how do they compare to the presidential polls? Was polling right? Or do the early results prove them wrong?

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2016 presidential polls show some battleground states are tightening – for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Here’s a list of tightening states in Clinton vs. Trump.

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Signs point to the fact that the presidential race in Georgia might be far closer than expected this year. What do the early turnout numbers indicate?

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Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama campaigned together today in a Winston Salem, North Carolina rally. See pictures and stories from the rally here.

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Hillary Clinton maintains the lead in most major election forecasts. Here is a look at the latest forecast trends.

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Many Texans have already cast their ballot in the 2016 election, and so far, the turnout has been greater in Democratic counties than in Republican counties.

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Hillary Clinton will make a stop in the critical swing state of North Carolina on Thursday with First Lady Michelle Obama. Watch a live stream of the rally here.

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Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the majority of the national polls just weeks before the election. Find out the details on the latest presidential polls.

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Clinton had a rally in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday. See photos & stories here.

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Clinton led a rally in Lake Worth, Florida today, with thousands attending. See photos & stories here.

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Thousands of Iowans have already cast their ballot in the 2016 election. Here are the early voting results from the state thus far.

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Hillary Clinton returns to Tampa on Wednesday for an afternoon rally at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Watch a live stream of the event here.

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Early voting in Colorado is underway and the all mail-in ballot system is now tallying returns. Find out how many Democrats and Republicans are voting.

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Rumors are spreading like wildfire that Eric Braverman, former Clinton Foundation CEO, sought asylum with Russia. But is there any basis to this or is it a hoax?

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Hillary Clinton led a rally in Coconut Creek, Florida today in Broward County. See photos and stories about the rally here.

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Millions of Americans have voted early, and Hillary Clinton is showing strength in key states like Florida and North Carolina that matches her standings in the polls.

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