WATCH: What Was on Ted Cruz’s Lip During the GOP Debate?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz had some sort of white object on his lip while answering a question during the Republican debate Thursday night in Michigan. You can watch a clip of the moment above.

It is not clear what it was, but Twitter quickly reacted after viewers watched the thing move from one lip to the other before it eventually ended up in the GOP senator’s mouth.

Here is some of the reaction on Twitter:

There’s even a Twitter account for it already:




i think it is food that gets trapped between his tonsils and glands in his throat. the food rolls around until it forms a hard ball. it ended up on his lip after he coughed.


I saw that! I was watching and couldn’t help but hone in on that ‘thing’ on his lip! Was he gonna wipe it away? Blow it away? Or later, pick it out of his mouth? I couldn’t hear what he was saying because I saw this going on! OH MAN! When he didn’t acknowledge the feeling of something entering his mouth I got holy hannah grossed out. I went to bed after that.


Thats not food you’re talkin about, its tonsil stones. Sounds like you have them. I just found out about them myself. I didnt even know there was a name for it until about 3 months ago. Looks like what happened to Ted at the debate

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