Latest Democratic Delegates Count: Sanders Gains Ground

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Bernie Sanders did well out west. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders did well in the west picking up key victories in Washington and Alaska during the March 26 caucuses. Sanders won both states by a wide margin.

Sanders victory in Washington was especially key with 101 delegates at stake. Alaska by comparison had 16 delegates up for grabs. In the Democratic party, the delegates are split proportionally based on the results.

While Hillary Clinton still has a sizable lead in the delegate count, Sanders big night helped him begin to cut into Clinton’s lead ever so slightly.

Here’s a look at the latest Democratic delegate count.

Current Democratic Delegate Count

The following data is an estimate based on the March 26 results. It will continue to be updated as more results are released. It does not include the 469 superdelegates pledged to Clinton or 29 pledged to Sanders.

Hillary Clinton 1,261
Bernie Sanders 1,022

March 26 Caucus Results & Delegate Count

The following data is an estimate based on the March 26 results. We will continue to update it as more results are released.

Bernie Sanders 3 102
Hillary Clinton 0 39



Susan Davis

In the year Bernie is inaugurated he will be 76 years old. Where was he for the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections? He has been an Independent since 1979, then he became a Dem so he had a better chance at being elected. He still doesn’t agree with the Democratic platform. I will vote for Hillary Clinton.


You’re a fool. Hillary isnt much younger, and has aged horribly in the last 8 years.


Hillary will be 69 in October and Sanders will be 75 in September. The average life expectancy for an American male in the US is 78, while for women it is 81. Sanders would be 79 in 2020 when he would face re-election while Hillary would only be 73, still a year younger than Sanders is now. The person more likely to die during their presidency is Sanders.


BERNIE SANDERS IS TOOOOOOOO OLD! Hillary is 10 years younger and has way more sense!


Look at his voting record. He votes with the democrats 95% of the time. He shares their positions on nearly everything except that he leans further left on policy. Additionally, the DNC is purposefully suppressing independent voters in New York who have indicated they’ll vote for Bernie on a democratic ticket. Hillary is a corporate shill who’s taken millions from special interests. How on earth will you see a better country if you don’t have campaign finance reform and roll back the Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court Decision? Get a grip!


The FBI has confirmed to VICE news yesterday there is an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clintons emails, my guess since the Clinton Foundation records were subpoened and immunity granted to her IT coordinator and hundreds of emails retained from her private server, she will be charged with pay to play racket.

Couldnt happen to a nicer person


Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY!!! Show hate it for you! There will be nothing for you to shout about because the email situation is over! It was the same system used by Condaleesa Rice and Colin Powell! Fret not yourself because nothing, I mean nothing will ever become of this! Find something else to cry about!! LOL!


Richard, how much far-left Marxist legislation has Sanders been able to vote on during his career in the Senate and House though? He caucuses with the Democrats because they are simply the next best thing.

Janice Paradis

So? Hillary was a Republican blican until Bills governorship. Independent Republican can. Hmm I think the independent gets my vote because I’m not stupid enough to keep voting for the establishment that’s killing our middle class.


Hey if you hate unions, public schools, and black people, but love constant war, big money bribes and for proffit prisons, she is certainly your canidate.


Hillary is a democrat in name only. Supporting her is supporting endless wars abroad, tax breaks for the rich and an overall center right approach to all matters moving forward. The establishment will never get my vote again. They are one party full of Republicans and Democrats, controlled by corporations and wall st. I am not and will never be ready for Hillary.


No, supporting Hillary is supporting a truly better America. Sanders is just selling snake oil to gullible younger people and aging white hippies. Which makes up a lot of the voters in these mostly white states Sanders won yesterday. Hillary is winning diversity,which is the future of America.


Brandon…wth are you babbling about. I live in one of those “young white and older hippie” States. And most of the people here are neither. We are just far enough away from the east coast to not be blinded by the idiots in DC.


Nelson Mandela was 79 when he changed the world for the better, ageism against Sanders is just more rhetoric if he’s able to do this rigorious campaign schedule sleep deprived it’s a true test on how strong all these candidates have to be. Hillary is the one taking a break speaks to the public rarely she definitely has less stamina than all the others.


Fret not yourself, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the next President of the United States! So, sing yourself happy! LOL!


FDR and Roosevelt were the democratic platform. Social security ,medicare ,public schools, freeways system. Every since Carter the democratic party has turned to neoliberalism and abandoned the people. Clinton represents this type of politics. She is no Democrat.


I think what we’re all finding out is that a political party is whatever it represents at a given time. The democratic party has stopped representing the greater good and is going for corporatist values. We have to reclaim the party ourselves by supporting and voting for candidates who agree with our views. WE have to make it happen. FDR’s time was a looong time ago and won’t be coming back to do it for us.


Caucuses are about ended in the democratic primaries
April 15th is a six state democratic primary – five of them closed primaries.
New York and Pennsylvania she is holding a large lead with the democrat voters.
Republicans, independents, socialists, and other small parties can not vote in closed primaries.
The other three are Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland. The sixth R.I. that is a closed caucus.
Look for Hillary to end it there even thou Sanders will stay in until the last election to put more money in his wife’s account.
Kids are always gullible to things that sound tyoo good to be true. I also learn this the hard way.


Kids are gullible? And you’re voting for Hilary? Who’s gullible???


Don’t worry this country has woken up to all your ways!!! Record numbers are being reported in New York as well as everywhere else!!! The Liberal States LOVE BERNIE!!!

Hillary is a great Women, but it was a mistake going to Super Pac’s and WAY TO FAR with the Goldman Sachs Secret Speeches!!! She supports the “To Big Too Fails”!!!

“The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. ”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Recommendations Relative to the Strengthening and Enforcement of Anti-trust Laws”


I cannot stand when people zero in on an inconsequential detail and use that as the basis for an argument against something. We get it Rich. Thank you for “correcting” Franklin Roosevelt…yawwwn.


The FBI has confirmed to VICE news yesterday there is an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clintons emails, my guess since the Clinton Foundation records were subpoened and immunity granted to her IT coordinator and hundreds of emails retained from her private server, she will be charged with pay to play racket.

Couldnt happen to a nicer person


Hey Kevin R Fields, Delegates are rewarded proportionately. So by your numbers in Wisconsin(62-27) and Wyoming, (13-5), Bernie would actually be making up a total of 43 delegates, not 75, because the democratic primaries ate not winner take all. She was up by 303 delegates going into saturday. She will be up by about 230 (not counting superdelegates obviously) after saturday and after Wis and WY she would still be up by about 190 delegates going into the NY primary even by your estimates.

Bertram Gardner

Sanders is pushing for free college education but for most poor neighborhood a better high school education would be a start. So many students are not properly prepared for college so the failure and dropout rate would simply increase. Currently. For poor and even middle class students there are scholarships available (Gates foundation) is an example that many are un prepared to take advantage of and improving SAT scores would qualify them for huge grants.
Senator Sanders is against trade deals and corporate profits but all who invest in stock markets (401k) are a part of Sander’s problem we demand H-u-u-g-e returns on our investments.
Those of us that like the low prices at Walmart are also sending our jobs overseas. Companies are moving to China and Mexico to increase profits.
Whether a company move from Michigan to South Carolina some workers are victimized so our system pits communities interest against others
So the senator needs to explain to us how to improve our society so all can maintain the quality of life without given us somethings.
Most kids are going to college to improve their odds of having a better life there are not going for unselfish reasons, I went to gain advantage and although my work may benefit others I like so many is working to attain a high standard of life for my family.
We do not have any simple answers but we can start kids off with a good foundation lets improve early education for all and then let talent do the rest.

Les Marsden

It must be comforting to THINK you know what you’re talking about – even as you demonstrate that you don’t have a clue. “Learn the hard way”? Life’s a never-ending learning process and apparently, you have quite a bit more to learn, and hopefully will.


Clinton is the WRONG candidate. The Democrat party is trying to anoint her the nominee. The news media ignored Bernie until it was impossible to do so. Clinton will lose t the Republican candidate (except Dumpy) Sanders will beat all comers.


Your point Ken? Oh, I guess you are saying “end the hope and the enthusiasm for Sanders”. I have to ask myself why anyone would derive pleasure in discouraging people from voting their conscience? I’m approaching 58. Young up man.


People can re-register up till 7 days before the election. Go online and change your affiliation now and vote for your candidate!

Janet M.

Independents are a small “party?” They are 42% of all voters. Wake up to the new USA.

Janet Moore

Ken, Independents are the largest voting bloc. At 42% they will decide the election. Caucuses have worked in Sanders favor because the candidates and their platforms are discussed in detail. The Primaries would also be more favorable if the media would stop the blackout of Sanders. Don’t worry. We ARE getting the word out. Your comment regarding Jane Sanders bank account shows that you are not above slander and misinformation. He isn’t just staying through the primaries, but will stay through the convention. Millennials are the highest educated and most politically informed demographic of all age groups. They are also the largest generation topping Baby Boomers who have destroyed the great country that our parents built. I am a boomer. We screwed up, starting with Reagan.

Welcome to the 21st century.


Damn right Janet ! My 27 year old son has taught me a lot. He has been interested in politics since he was a teenager. He reads a lot of good information. CNN blocked out the results to show a program on Jesus. If it would have been the republican primaries, they would have covered every damn minute of it. Even when Bernie won in Michigan, they wouldn’t call it until 96 percent of the vote was in. Boycott CNN and the Time Warner establishment. Hillary Clinton may not be able to feel the bern, but she is starting to feel the HEAT !!

George Heid (@GeorgeHeidSr)

Ken, you my man are cracking walnuts with you ass. We are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity. Supporting a man who for over a half century has represented higher ground by fighting for what’s right and most important for the little guy. What do you like about the political establishment? The Corporate agenda? … perhaps you’re comfortable in this rigged economy & political system. If so, then I have to conclude, you’re part of the problem and I only hope you are proven wrong. Humanity evolves very slowly. Do you want to be a drag on that evolution? Fact check, research, read the history of both Sanders and Clinton. Then study the landscape of today’s society. I can’t imagine anyone with a good functioning mind can’t see how important this man Bernie Sanders is to the present and future of our country.


Fortunately the presidency is decided by the electorate vote, NOT the popular vote.


I can not stand when People jump on this socialist standpoint. Ok For all you people who don’t understand how life works… Nothing is black and white. In life as in business as in politics. There is no one way that works for everything. Every situation is different. Bernie is not just socialism… Some problems in this country would be handled better with a socialistic approach… That does not mean this whole country will only be socialism. How is that not understood!!!! STOP SAYING SOCIALISM will Cripple this country! THE COUNTRY is already crippled…. and not from socialism! For example, since you people are so hard against anything other than capitalism. I have a simple QUESTION. DO you support FIREMEN??????? FIREFIGHTERS???? DO YOU? of course you do. Well guess what, that is a socialist program smart guys. Who pays for them? do you know? The Government does… And we do in our taxes…. And it is required as a RIGHT to be given to every community in our country…by law… No matter how much that community ” makes” or how little…. But You guys are right! ALL socialism will cripple the country. GUESS WHAT, do know what HAS crippled our country…. DO YOU? GREED. IT has ruined our Colleges, our FOOD, our Health, GREED is the result when Capitalism is taken tooo far without moderation. Example, Carrots are healthy and great for you, correct? Well try eating just carrots for a year and only carrots and see what happens to your body… GOOD Chances you will be insanely ill and in the hospital. Stop being ignorant, and closed minded. And starting thinking about solving the problems. And trying to figure out a solution. I mean you. See if you can come up with something… and you’ll find out something special… Stop being lazy thinkers and just relying on others to come up with solutions and ideas.. and then only commenting on their ideas… Starting coming up with some on your own and maybe you people will learn some humility.


I’m 59 as is my husband we are not gullible and obviously not kids, and we are both voting for Sanders as he is the only truthful candidate that we share our ideals with, not bought by lobbyists as your vote will support

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