Nicole Mittendorff Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Search parties in Virginia are desperately looking for a missing firefighter who called in sick for work on the day she vanished. Authorities say 31-year-old Nicole Mittendorff phoned her firehouse to say she wouldn’t be able to make it to work on April 13. Since then, her husband, Steve, has been leading the rescue efforts.

On the night of April 21, officials confirmed that a female body had been found in Shenandoah National Park. The search for Nicole Mittendorf has been suspended.


Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Car Was Found in a Parking Lot Outside of Shenandoah National Park on the Night of April 16

On the night of April 16, authorities found Mittendorff’s white 2009 Mini Cooper close to White Oak Canyon Trail at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Since then, search efforts have been centered around that area, according to the website

The park is about 60 miles southwest of Washington D.C. and is located in the Blue Ridge mountains. One of Mittendorff’s neighbors told WUSA, “Well she had friends out in the area. So it wasn’t a big surprise she was out there, but it’s a little bit surprising that she was that far out there.”

That website says that Mittendorff was a regular runner and competed in triathlons. Find Nicole describes her as “white female with blonde hair and green eyes. She is 5’6″ and weighs approximately 125 lbs.”

NBC Washington reports that Mittendorff’s cellphone carrier are helping with the investigation in attempting to triangulate any activity from her phone. The Find Nicole page also says that Mittendorff downloaded some documents to her mobile device.

2. Her Husband Steve Mittendorff Is a Virginia State Trooper

Steve mittendorff facebook page

Nicole and her husband Steve. (Facebook)

Mittendorff lives in Woodbridge, Virginia, with her husband Steve Mittendorff. He works as a Virginia State Trooper where he is a sergeant, according to his Facebook page. The couple has two dogs, a golden retriever, and a pit bull together. During a press conference on April 19, Steve Mittendorff said, “As you can imagine, the pain of not knowing where a loved one is can be unbearable.” WUSA reports that the couple were married in 2012.

She works as a Fairfax County paramedic-firefighter. County fire captain Dave Hall told the media that it was standard procedure for people to call in sick before 5 a.m. He added, “Nicole if you can hear us, reach out to us, give us a call,” Hall said. “Your home is still here. We’re waiting for you.” Hall also said that her gear is still inside her locker and hasn’t been touched in more than a week.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding Mittendorff says that a vigil was held on the night of April 20 at her firehouse, Fairview Station 32, 5600 Burke Centre Parkway in Fairfax Station, Virginia.

3. An Online Baby Registry Was Set Up in the Name of Mittendorff & Her Husband in October 2014

Nicole Wittendorff Clardy missing

(Find Nicole)

An online baby gift registry for Steven Mittendorff and Nicole Clardy, that is her maiden name, was set up in October 2014. The page does not list any gifts required or give a due date.

WUSA reports that state police do not think the page was created by the couple and said that Mittendorff is not pregnant.

4. In Thanking Volunteers, Mittendorf’s Father Referenced Luke 15, a Biblical Verse Known as ‘The Parable of Lost Sheep’

In a message to thank rescue workers posted to his Facebook page, Mittendorff’s father, Robert Clardy, wrote in part, “My deepest gratitude to all those who search for Nicole, are alert for her, and put out the word.” He also made reference to the bible verse Luke 15, which is known as “The Parable of Lost Sheep.”

WUSA reports that the Robert Clardy was the last person who was contacted by Mittendorff when she sent him a text on April 13.

5. Police Have No Indication That Foul Play Is Involved

The Virginia State Police is asking anybody with any information about Mittendorff’s whereabouts to contact them at 703-803-0026 or #77 on a cell phone or 911 or email at Officials have said that they have no indications that the missing woman is a victim of foul play.




The state police do not “think” they didn’t create it. It was confirmed that the registry was not created by either. It was created in conjunction with their wedding registry – sister sites and all that.

Acacia Joseph

There is definitely more to this story. There always three sides to a story,.his side her side, and the truth. (Whomever made sure she couldn’t give her side) Seems really suspicious.


It would be nice to know what was on the (final) text she sent to her father. Where was her husband when she called in sick? Home? Were they fighting and wanted to ‘talk’ things out, so took a mental health day? Who would have setup a baby page other than the couple? Ans: No one. I think she may have found out she couldn’t have children or was frustrated in much trying. Parked her car on said sick day in a remote park area? Doesn’t matter if she knew people there or not, it was pretty remote. No brainer here. She either offed herself in a place that she loved or the husband did. I say suicide.


“It would be nice to know what was on the (final) text she sent to her father.”
I am sure the contents of that message is know to parties conducting the investigation.

“Who would have setup a baby page other than the couple? Ans: No one.”
Firefighters and police often pull pranks. It is one way to deal with the stresses of the job. Could be a joke, prank, or maybe a very anxious friend.

“I think she may have found out she couldn’t have children or was frustrated in much trying.”
I doubt that but honestly, it’s as good as mine or anybody else’s guess.

It’s definitely remote. What is unique about the park is that you can’t get a vehicle onto Skyline Drive to access that parking lot without going through an entrance gate/pay station. They’re not always staffed but they are well lit and I’d be shocked if there isn’t video there. If so, should be easy to tell if somebody else was in the vehicle with her or if there was another vehicle in her party. I’d imagine investigators already know these answers as they would have come in the same way.

I haven’t read if her cell phone was left at home, in her vehicle, or if it’s suspected to be with her. It’s relatively worthless for any kind of triangulation/tower pinging in the area. I go there once or twice a year for photography and lose my signal before I get anywhere near the entrance to the park. There are places where I get an occasional signal but for the most part, cell phones are useless in that area of the park unless you’re using the camera or calculator on it.

As far as the husband having involvement, it’s always a safe bet to look there first. Being VSP, he certainly would have some useful information and skills. However, let’s look at this rationally. I don’t know/care if they were together or not. Doesn’t matter. Was he in the vehicle with her? If so, and there were cameras at the entrance gate, that would probably be known. How would he have gotten home? Her car was found there so he’d need help. He certainly wasn’t texting his location to anyone via cell phone. I’ll call this whole scenario highly unlikely. This rationale applies to anybody being with her in the vehicle.

Did the husband (or anybody) follow her in? If his intentions were good, why didn’t they drive together? Doesn’t make sense. Not sure if he was a runner and I haven’t read conclusively that it is known she went there to run anyway. Hikes are always good though but I don’t know that she had a history of going there for hikes. I read somewhere that she has gone there in the past to train. Either way – if he (or anybody) followed her in, I think she would have known. There is no easy/fast way to get in there. Some turns are so sharp, you actually need to look out your side window to see the road ahead. Motorcyclists love that area! Hard for me to put into words but knowing the challenging drive in to the park and the low speed limits, I think she’d know if she was followed. If she was the only one in her vehicle, she could have indicated the need for help at the entrance gate, kept driving to a populated stop like Big Meadows, flagged down a ranger on the road, etc. Not sure what the timeframe was though so if she came through at night, some of those options would not have been possible. Either way, I’ll call it unlikely she was followed in.

So, I’m calling not likely somebody was with her and not likely she was followed. That doesn’t help much but I think it helps eliminate or at least show the unlikelihood of a few things.

I know bear cubs are born somewhere around Spring and a protective momma bear would certainly be extremely protective if she felt threatened. I’m going to hope the cubs aren’t born yet and she didn’t meet fate that way.

I’m going to stay optimistic, leave it open to other possibilities, and simply hope she is found alive soon. At the very least, I think weather has been in her favor.


the registry was created in conjunction with her wedding registry. sister sites.


BTW the parking area is not on Skyline Drive, it’s at the base of the mountains near Old Rag. White Oak Canyon-Cedar Run share a small parking lot for a dozen or so cars at this base.

No video monitoring.


I didn’t realize the parking lot wasn’t off Skyline Drive. There goes most of my suggestions! Still – I’m sure cell phone coverage is abysmal anywhere near there.


No I have accessed White Oak Canyon trail from both Skyline drive and Old Rag Mountain. Your theory still checks.


Also the craziest thing is I took my kids to Graves Mountain last week. All through the banquet hall signs were posted that White Oak Canyon trail was closed. Had no idea why till Monday morning.


She didn’t enter the park through an entry station. She parked on the perimeter and hiked in, which is very common.


The found her body in the park area. It was likely suicide, but could’ve been an accident. The authorities have not released cause of death yet.


None – I’m guessing you are Nonenonenone on another site that has comments about Nicole. Not sure of your connection but I appreciate your insightful and respectful replies. I don’t know her but I am a firefighter and I hurt when another hurts. So sad to hear about the bullying she received. I will not go to that site but I do hope each and every one of those people that surely must be perfect in every way are proud of themselves. I’ve seen the updates but will remain optimistic until something official is announced. Prayers to Nicole’s husband, family, and her true friends.


“I say you need to mind your own business!!!!”

You’ve certainly set a fine example of that. However, the world doesn’t revolve around you and what you say or think doesn’t particularly matter to me.

Continued prayers for her family and true friends during this difficult time.

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